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Review: Gain Conjures Up A Creepy Dance Groove On The Lee-Hyori-Penned 'Black & White' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | February 10, 2014 06:33 PM EST


It may be difficult to describe exactly what makes up Lee Hyori's style of songwriting, but it sure easy to notice it.

With a sound resembling the even badder evil twin of "Bad Girls," Hyori's contribution to Brown Eyed Girls singer Gain's new solo album, the dark but danceable "Black And Blue, has her fingerprints all over it.

All the elements that make are a great Lee Hyori single are embodied in "Black & White," from Gain's understated hooky vocal delivery, to the eerie surf guitars that glide on top of the overall mix.

Even the rhythmic groove of "Black & White" sounds like a darker take on Hyori's "Bad Girls."

But "Black & Blue" isn't just a Lee Hyori sound-alike recording.

Rather, Gain makes the song her own with some help from a high-octane production approach that even resembles 1970s progressive arena rock sound in certain moments.

Yet the best parts of the song are when the sound is more laid back and in the pocket.

The bursts of dense keyboards and soundtrack ballad-like breaks really only break up the infectious original vibe of "Black & White."

And while one of the song's great strengths is the way it is defying conventional norms of song structure and genre (hence the prog rock comparison), the best moments in "Black & White" are when the outpouring of emotion is lurking just below the surface.

None of this detracts from the song's overall affect; a powerful force coming from a musically original place that is still funky enough to make it into some DJ sets.

If Gain and Lee decide to collaborate any further in the studio, who knows what could happen?

Check out the Lee Hyori song "Black & Blue" performed by Brown Eyed Girls singer Gain on her new solo album "Truth Or Dare," RIGHT HERE

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