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US Drone Strike Prepared To Attack An American In Pakistan For Terrorism Plans Against His Home Country; What Does Obama Think About This

By Staff Writer | February 10, 2014 11:00 PM EST


Have you been watching Homeland in Showtime? The TV series is about an overseas marine, Nicholas Brody, who was held captive by al-Qaeda as a prisoner of war, was "turned," now threatening US Security. Now, if you will look on news reports online and newspapers, this scenario seems to be taking place now in real life.

Reports said that the White House is now looking into the option of killing a man in Pakistan for allegations that he has joined forces with Al-Qaeda to launch an attack in the United States. This news comes days after the Washington Post reported that the US Administration has curbed its drone strikes in the South Asian country.

"An American citizen who is a member of al-Qaeda is actively planning attacks against Americans overseas, U.S. officials say, and the Obama administration is wrestling with whether to kill him with a drone strike and how to do so legally under its new stricter targeting policy issued last year," the Times wrote Monday.

The move is still up for debate as the administration is considering the suspect's right as a US citizen. According to the Associated Press, the Justice Department cannot conduct such move unless they build a strong case against the subject.

President Barack Obama has strict rules on drone strikes and according to press secretary Jay Carney, the president ""would not discuss particular targets that may or may not be under consideration."

If pushes through, this will not be the first time that the Obama administration targeted a fellow American through drone strike overseas. In 2011, a C.I.A. drone killed the radical preacher Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. The government confirmed last year that at least four Americans were killed during Obama's time but only Awlaki was the target internationally. 

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