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M! Countdown Highlight: Girl's Day Still Has "Something" By Beating SISTAR's Soyou As They Win #1 On The February 13, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | February 14, 2014 10:11 AM EST


Another week of "M Countdown" is here that features some of your favorite K-Pop idols.

For the February 13, 2014 episode, numerous stars made their comeback. The idols were Park Ji Yoon by making a "Beep", Stellar made a sexy return for "Marionette", BTS were "Boy in Luv", SM The Ballad took their last "Breath", Ladies' Code said "So Wonderful", Yoo Seung Woo had "Hesitating Lips", and male group C-CLOWN took care of "Justice" last night.

Your nominees for the night were SISTAR's Soyou & Jung Gi Go and Girl's Day. Though, it was once again Girl's Day as they had "Something" better than Soyou. The girl's are having such a great year by them being number one the longest amongst the female groups who made their comeback at the beginning of last month. Congratulations!!

Performance Recaps and Videos

Here are the performance recaps from last night.

SM The Ballad (SHINee Jonghyun and Girls' Generation Taeyeon); "Breath"

SHINee's Jonghyun and Girls' Generation Taeyeon; which are known as SM The Ballad, sang "Breath." Jonghyun and Taeyeon are promoting this single in Korea. During the performance, it seems Jonghyun's voice is not matched with Taeyeon. So, either Jonghyun is not feeling well or he has to match his voice by making it softer just like Taeyeon because his is really deep. Though hopefully, his voice gets better as the two performs in the coming weeks. Do you think this is a great pair? Would you rather have Jonghyun be paired with f(x)'s Krystal?

Park Ji Yoon; "Beep"

Though the music video for Park Ji Hoon's song, "Beep" is not yet released, she is promoting it ahead schedule for her comeback last night. This song has an eighties genre to it by the disco ball hanging and guys wearing glasses and afro hair. It is definitely the style you will see during that year. The song has a great beat and one that you can dance along with. Truly catchy and one that Park does excellent on. Are you looking forward to the music video release?

Stellar; "Marionette"

Stellar came out with their sexy concept, "Marionette." The ladies had to cover up; especially their rear by wearing black shorts or something. On their music video, you can see the difference compared for the live. Definitely, the guys enjoyed Stellar's return. Just hear them scream. Now the question is if "KBS Music Bank" will allow the girls to perform. If they do, definitely choreography and wardrobe modifications will be assessed. No provocative nature will be shown on public television. If AOA, Rainbow Blaxx, Dal Shabet, and Girl's Day had to modify their choreography, then definitely, this will happen to Stellar.

Ladies' Code; "So Wonderful"

Ladies' Code are back by getting some inspiration from Wonder Girls has they made their comeback. "So Wonderful" is the name of their new single and it is something different for once even though their concept is sexy. The difference is that there is no lying on the floor, showing sexy wardrobes, or revealing of skin. The use of the microphone can be a similarity to Wonder Girls, though Ladies' Code uses it differently by being creative and with their own ideas. Ladies' Code are not copying no other female group; especially the Wonder Girls. Though, do you think Ladies' Code came out with this single in-tribute for the Wonder Girls?

Yoo Seung Woo; "Hesitating Lips"

Yoo Seung Woo is all grown up as he makes his comeback by singing, "Hesitating Lips." The song tells regarding love; which is perfect for couples. Though Yoo has matured, he still has that baby face. Do you like the new and matured Yoo? Also, he no longer has his guitar with him. So, do you prefer him holding a guitar or none?

C-CLOWN; "Justice"

C-CLOWN are bringing "Justice" as well swagger for their powerful comeback. While the performance was good and all, this new single just does not suit them. They should have just stuck with what they are good at by losing the swagger because this song is kind of messy. Though great job by them coming out with this single and taking another route in-which they are not so good on. Never hurts to do a concept that they are not really great on; hopefully, C-CLOWN can climb at least on the top 20 with this "Justice" song. Barom doing that flip part on-stage was impressive as he was able to keep his body really straight. What do you think of this new single from C-CLOWN?

BTS; "Boy in Luv"

BTS are back!! Powerful, strong, and full of energy with their new track, "Boy in Luv." Their choreography is just amazing as they explain being in love. Aggressive is what the guys are showing before Valentine's Day. V had to lip-sync on his parts because it was just so difficult to sing it live; especially, with the music being too loud last night. You could not really hear the guys' voices. Hopefully, on the other music shows, the music is not too loud so that the audience can hear them.

Ga-in; "Truth or Dare"

Want to play "Truth or Dare?" Ga-in would like to know as she ranks number three this week. Looks like all the idols are wearing red due to Valentine's Day. Ga-in's single is catching attention because it has a similarity to Robin Thicke's song, "Blurred Lines." Do you think Ga-in will be nominated for this single?

Soyou and Jung Gi Go; "Some"

Soyou and Jung Gi Go performed their beautiful duet "Some" as Valentine's Day is tomorrow in South Korea and around Asia/Europe. "Some" is tied with Girl's Day by being ranked number one for this week even though Soyou did not win last night. With this beautiful track about how one feels before going on a date, hopefully Soyou takes home a first place trophy this week.

Minwoo (M); "Taxi"

Minwoo (M) took a "Taxi" which the number is seven. The veteran still gots it and is ranked at the top ten this week. Great wardrobe chosen by wearing red to signify Valentine's Day tomorrow. Definitely, "KBS Music Bank" will be a Valentine's Day special. M definitely has a "Taxi" girl for this week. Do you think Minwoo will be nominated this week?

Girl's Day; "Something"

This is Girl's Day's last week of promotion for "Something." The ladies won first place and took home a trophy last night. Girl's Day has had a great year and fans of the girl's cannot wait for their comeback even though they are saying goodbye for now. Well done ladies. The girls will be on the last three music shows. Be sure to watch them as they take their leave this week.

AOA; "Miniskirt"

AOA wore their "Miniskirt" last night by being ranked number six this week. The ladies won last week on "Inkigayo," do you think they can win another this week? Nice wardrobe by this being the best one out of all their other ones. Like Girl's Day, AOA are probably ending their promotions this week as well.

GP Basic; "Pika Burnjack"

Number eighteen is the current rank of GP Basic has they sang "Pika Burnjack." With their unique concept and Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" style, the girls should be happy on where they rank this week. If you love GP Basic, be a fan because they are really not that bad. They are the youngest group and getting numerous attention.

Spica; "You Don't Love Me"

Spica are number five this week by saying, "You Don't Love Me." All your fans loves you Spica. Especially during Valentine's Day. With their fabulous voices, hopefully the ladies can get nominated and win this week. Last week on "Inkigayo," they were nominated. So hopefully, they win and take home a trophy.

Hong Dae Kwang; "No Answer"

Hong Dae Kwang's song, "No Answer" is ranked number eight this week. Apparently, Hong is getting answers from his fans by placing him on the top ten. With his great voice, who would not answer Hong. Are you a fan of Hong Dae Kwang?

GOT7; "Girls Girls Girls"

GOT7 had a weak performance for "Girls Girls Girls." While the performance was weak, the reason is because JB and JR are still recovering from the bad flu they had last week. The guys rank number twelve this week. GOT7 changed their ending which is good. Do not know if they will keep the ending choreography throughout the week but, their wardrobe is getting better and better each time they perform.

K-Much; "What Should I Do"

Wow, big improvement and even better song from K-Much. "What Should I Do" is the name of their new single and it is great compared to their previous one when they made their debut. K-Much should have debuted with this one instead. Though, great return and one that fans of K-Much will definitely like. Do not know if this will be nominated; but it is a great new single from them.

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