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Music Bank Highlight: B.A.P Wins # 1 on the February 14, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | February 15, 2014 06:05 AM EST


Another week of "Music Bank" is here once again from some of your favorite idols. Screams and fan chants are all heard last night.

Comebacks for the night were Park Ji Hoon by saying, "Beep", C-CLOWN brought "Justice", Stellar were sexy for "Marionette", Ladies' Code made their return with "So Wonderful", BTS are "Boy in Luv", and SM The Ballad sang, "Breath."

Your nominees for the night were Girl's Day and B.A.P; the winner was B.A.P for "1004 (Angel)." Congratulations to the guys!!

Performance Recaps + Videos

Here is the performance recap from the February 14, 2014 episode of "Music Bank."

Stellar; "Marionette"

Stellar's choreography for "Marionette" is too hot for "KBS Music Bank". So to cool the ladies off, choreography was modified to being clean. Not only their choreography, but as well their wardrobe. No rear scratching and exposing of it neither. The ladies feels like they did not want to change their clothes as well choreography; but, they had no choice because if they do not, Stellar will not promote on "Music Bank". Let's see if they will go back with their original on "Music Core". Which do you like? The original or modified?

Park Ji Hoon; "Beep"

Park Ji Hoon made her return by bringing old times on-stage. "Beep" is the name of her new single and she is returning the times when guys had a seventies or eighties look. Disco inferno is the concept Park is returning with. What do you think about Park's return?

SM The Ballad; "Breath"

Ladies' Code are making a great return with their new single, "So Wonderful". Their voices is just fabulous and choreography is great. They took another route even though their concept is sexy. Only difference, no skin exposure and do not have to work hard to get noticed. Hopefully, Ladies' Code gets nominated. What do you think about their return?

BTS; "Boy in Luv"

Bangtan Boys who are comprised of members Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Tae Hyung, and Jeon Jeong Guk came out with a perfect performance by being "Boy in Luv". Hopefully, the guys gets nominated for this single. The guys has improved greatly from their previous single. Overall, what is your opinion regarding BTS?

C-CLOWN; "Justice"

C-CLOWN wants "Justice" done and with their dramatic emotions, rather than have their six-pack abs showing and returning with a sexy concept, the guys made their return with a powerful song. "Justice" is serve and C-CLOWN is bringing it on-stage.

Girl's Day; "Something"

Time has really flown by; it was just only like last month that we saw Girl's Day make their return for "Something." Now, they are ending their promotions which fans will have to wait probably until May for the girls to return. Choreography was changed again; though it did not matter because they performed fantastic as always. Two more music shows and the ladies will be finished after Sunday's "Inkigayo".

Minwoo (M); "Taxi"

Shinhwa's Minwoo (M) took a "Taxi" last night as the veteran showed that he can act dazed as well confused by not remembering what occurred in the taxi car. Awesome choreography especially, with the foot moving left as well right when he says, "I Have a Taxi Girl". Ladies, would you like to be inside the taxi cab with Minwoo for Valentine's Day?

Soyou and Jung Gi Go; "Some"

SISTAR's Soyou and Jung Gi Go performed their beautiful duet titled, "Some" last night. Perfect song to perform during Valentine's Day. Any couples here played this song before going out on their first date? Soyou's long hair looks beautiful on her as well. She should just keep her hair like this.

B.A.P; "1004 (Angel)"

B.A.P are hitting up the stage with their high energy song, "1004 (Angel)." With this current song that they are promoting, it is reaching number one in not just South Korea, but as well globally. Daehyun looks like he is changing his hair color to blonde. "1004 (Angel)" is a mega hit and congratulations to B.A.P on winning last night. Do you like Daehyun's hair color?

Ga-in; "Truth or Dare"

Ga-in performed "Truth or Dare" by playing innocent while sexy at the same time. Ga-in does not have to work too hard when it comes to sexy concepts; it just comes naturally for her. Will this single give her numerous votes to win first place on any of the major music shows? Maybe; though you will just have to keep supporting Ga-in if your a fan.

Rainbow Blaxx; "Cha Cha"

Like the other female groups, Rainbow Blaxx are also probably ending their promotions for "Cha Cha." The ladies did a great job of promoting this single even though they were not nominated. As Rainbow looks at this comeback, they will see what they did right as well as wrong. Then for their next comeback, the girls will come back better with hopefully a number one song.

GOT7; "Girls Girls Girls"

GOT7 performed "Girls Girls Girls" for Valentine's Day last night. With their awesome vocals as well flips; definitely the guys received numerous love from the ladies. JB smiling will most likely get much love from the girls. Actually, all of them. Looks like the guys changed the ending of their performance. Their wardrobe is better as well each week; with the sweat top saying GOT7 on it, maybe they are selling this clothes at the malls in Korea. Which ending do you prefer? This one or their previous one when Mark does the flip? Also, you think they received numerous love letters yesterday as well?

AOA; "Miniskirt"

AOA and their "Miniskirts" were performed last night. Seolhyun will definitely be proud of her members even though she did not promote with them for this comeback. The angels are also ending their promotion this week with Girl's Day. The ladies did a great job with the sexy concept; now they know that they do not have try as hard to gain fans. AOA has two more major shows before they go back to the studio and think about a new song to compose. As well, resting.

Koyote; "1999"

Koyote brought the year "1999" last night as they showed their fun and energetic personalities. Koyote is such a great group and are aging gracefully. Much joy and fun Koyote are having with this promotion. Hopefully, this is not their last song. Koyote has numerous fans that does not want to see them go just yet.

Kiss&Cry; "Domino Game"

The ladies of Kiss&Cry are definitely popular now as they played a "Domino Game" last night. Though their performance was short, they still performed very well. Great beat and four beautiful ladies equals success. Hopefully, Kiss&Cry releases a multi-album in the months ahead. Do you see this happening with Kiss&Cry?

K-Much; "What Should I Do"

K-Much asked "What Should I Do" last night as they returned with a much better single. Do not know if it is a strong contender against the other idols; though definitely it is a much improved K-Much. They should stick with this style of music. K-Much will definitely gain more fans with this single.

Spica; "You Don't Love Me"

Once again, the ladies of Spica showed their marvelous voices as they sang, "You Don't Love Me." Ever wonder if the ladies of Spica and Ailee competes for best vocals; who do you think will win? Spica are definitely marvelous and deserves to win a trophy. Hopefully, they will win this week. Finally, those butt pads are really making their behind's look huge. So, do you think those are necessary to be put there?

Lip Service; "Yum Yum Yum"

Duo Lip Service looks like they are promoting American fast food with the hamburgers showing on the screen. "Yum Yum Yum" is what they are saying and that Korean women should eat and not diet. Balance and eating right is what instead, women should do. The song is kind of addicting and crowd seems to enjoy it by responding louder each week. Lip Service is great as a duo; rapping from them is phenomenal. Do you think Lip Service will become a four member group or stay as a duo?

GP Basic; "Pika Burnjack"

GP Basic is definitely getting better each week they perform. Does not mean they are a young group and all, they can still make a statement by saying the girls can compete with the big female groups. Looks like they are saying "Picha" instead of "Pika." Though the song is definitely "Pika" and not "Picha." Also, looks like they changed the choreography. Did you notice this? GP Basic, are definitely climbing the ranks on the charts. Hopefully, they will be up there on the twelve spot next week for "Pika-Burnjack."

Photo Credit: OSEN

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