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K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of February 10 - February 16)

By James B | February 17, 2014 12:43 AM EST


Ga-in Copied Robin Thicke's song, "Blurred Lines"

News media Billboard featured an article regarding Ga-in's new single "Truth or Dare" having a similarity to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." While the song has a good beat as well let's you hear Ga-in's "baby-like" voice, fans quickly noticed the similarity between the two songs. "Truth or Dare" is an "half of fake documentary" and "half of music video." Though, the one to pay attention on is the beat as well similarity to "Blurred Lines." This is what fans noticed first.

Ga-in's "Truth or Dare" Has a Similarity to "Blurred Lines?"

Media Popdust featured an article regarding Ga-in's recent single, "Truth or Dare." The music video or lyrics is getting noticed as being probably plagiarized or having a similarity to Robin Thicke's song titled, "Blurred Lines." "Truth or Dare" is composed by "K-Pop duo" Lee Min Soo and Kim Eana. Fans quickly noticed this and the similarities between the two videos. Do you think Ga-in plagiarized Robin's "Blurred Lines" music video?

Girls' Generation Makes Their Return

Popdust featured an article regarding the return of Girls' Generation by the nine ladies releasing their first teaser titled "Mr.Mr" which will be the same name for their album as well. Fans of the nine are excited and waited a long time for their comeback. "Mr.Mr" was released on February 19th. The theme for their comeback is a medial style concept.

Teen Top Let's Their Fans Decide on Where to Travel When They Do a World Tour

Billboard featured an article regarding male group Teen Top and their world tour. They are going to see their fans at the United States "for the first time." So, which state are they going to first? Well, you decide where you want them to go. That is right readers, finally, Teen Top is letting their fans decide on where they should go through a "platform" named, "Krowdpop."

The way this works is that "Krowdpop fields general requests for K-pop artists to perform in registered users' specific cities and countries." Once all the information is gathered and people puts in the information, they then look through and see which state has the most people that submits through this "Krowdpop company." That is how it's done. The company is working alongside "South Korean music agencies." "KPOP UNITED" is using social networking sites as well the company to make this happen. So, fans can truly share their reason why some of their favorite idols should travel to their state. Also, "KPOP UNITED" will "approve requests" as well; which is to make sure that the "event" is allowed for "Krowdpop campaign."

So far, the places that are the most hits are "New York" by being in "first place;" "Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, Orlando, and San Francisco" are number two thru six.

You can go to this website; which is almost like "Krowdpop," the only difference is that it "features all types of artists." Other platforms in-which fans can have their voices heard are coming out and will be released in the coming months.

K-Pop and Now K-Fashion is Getting Popular at the United States

Wall Street Journal featured an article regarding K-Fashion now being popular at the United States. The state is none other than New York City in Lincoln Center. "Concept Korea," is "a government-sponsored collaborative project to promote South Korean fashion" in the United States. With K-Pop being popular, the idea of fashion came into mind as well. If you love what your idols wear, why not wear the trends that they promote on-stage. This is why K-Fashion is now popular.

Designers Lee Suk Tae, Choi Bo Ko, Ko Tae Yong, and Park Youn Soo are bringing some of the trends for people to wear. So, it is "48 looks and four designers." If you want the latest K-Pop trends that your stars wear, go to New York. Hopefully, the designers has a website so that you can order and purchase wardrobes even though you do not live in New York. With K-Pop being so popular, K-Fashion will be in-demand also.

B.A.P Has A Great New Song for Their Return

Popdust media featured an article regarding how B.A.P are ranked number nine this week on the "Gaon Chart." The song that is making them now popular is their current single, "1004 (Angel)." With this strong and powerful song, it is a huge comeback for the group.

The article further explains other groups who are ranked for the week. Ga-in is ranked number six for "Fxxk U"

and eight on "Truth or Dare." The angels are ranked fourteen for "Miniskirt", B1A4 fifteen for "Lonely", and Spica is sixteen on "You Don't Love Me."

B1A4 "Lonely" MV

AOA "Miniskirt" MV

Spica "You Don't Love Me"

Rainbow Blaxx are twenty-five for "Cha Cha." For the guys, Minwoo's "Taxi" is thirty-one and Rain's "I Love You" is thirty-two. Finally, the article explained how young female group GP Basic are ranked number one hundred eighty-three for their single, "Pika Burnjack."

Rainbow Blaxx "Cha Cha" MV

Minwoo "Taxi" MV

Rain "I Love You" MV

GP Basic "Pika Burnjack" MV

U-Kiss is More Popular in the US Than in Korea

Male group U-Kiss is known for speaking multiple languages as well their charms. Though, looks like U-Kiss are more popular in the United States than in South Korea. "KissMes" are what fans in the United States call themselves who are deeply devoted as well love this male group. "KissMes" is a term that is only heard in New York when the guys did their "short three-city U.S. tour." U-Kiss are known for their "compelling dance moves."

U-Kiss's fan base is extremely popular "overseas." So why are they popular more overseas than in Korea? The answer is because they are able to communicate in English with their devoted fans here in the United States. Plus, U-Kiss has two members that are "Korean-American" who are "Woo from California" as well "Eli Kim from Washington, D.C."

On the article that was featured on Buzzfeed, Kim stated what their concept is. "We like to promote that we do speak your language." He further goes on to say, "That's our main point, our main goal - to be international." The members of U-Kiss are Shin Soo Hyun, Lee Ki Seop, Eli Kim, Kim Jae Seop, Kevin Woo, and Yeo Hoonmin who are all in their "early twenties."

U-Kiss are extremely popular in the United States and it looks like their fans will keep increasing due to the world tours that they do. Hopefully, the guys can get the same number of fans in the US in South Korea.

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