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True Detective Review Roundup: HBO’s `True Detective’ Hints Toward The Yellow King on `The Secret Fate of All Life’ Episode; What Did The Critics Say?

By Tony Sokol | February 17, 2014 02:01 PM EST


True Detective Review Roundup: HBO's "True Detective" uncovered deeper secrets on last night's "The Secret Fate of All Life" episode. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are headed towards their last turns as partners before this Dora Lange case rips them apart.

The true detectives, Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, thought they had the bayou killer caught and the case all sewed up. There is something else going on in their parish and it's beginning to look like these child disappearances are part of something much bigger. They look that way to Cohle at least. Cohle thinks the original task force's job was to cover up the real suspects.

It looks like it's working. Even Marty and Rust are at odds. Marty's not much more than Rust's typist at this point. "True Detectives" is without a doubt one of the spookies, most intelligent and most suspenseful shows in TV right now. But what did the critics say?

TV. com asked "Is there any other show out there right now that sticks to your brain for hours after you finish watching it like True Detective does?" Tim Surrette writes: "After "The Locked Room" put a face (or at least a gas mask) to the killer, one Mr. Reggie Ledoux, "The Secret Fate of All Life" blew everything up again so that any one of these faces in the rubble left behind could be the murderer. ... For the first time in the series (I believe), we definitively saw present-day Hart and Cohle give a false account of what transpired to Gilbough and Papania. ... Television audiences today look for clues in even the smallest details, thinking they can anticipate the big twist before it's revealed. But I always took True Detective to be more of a straight shot than a series of surprises and shocks. It's fun to point the finger at Cohle, but I don't think he did it." says "Just when you thought True Detective couldn't get any more tense after last week's episode, this week's comes along with new revelations and troubling suspicions about our two lead protagonists." The site weighs the evidence and concludes: "Time, crime, truth and lies are all part of this week's tense, creepy, and revelatory episode of True Detective. Cohle's inner darkness is the focal point, although Hart's certainly shows itself as well. Our trust in them is now in doubt even as questions are raised about other characters and events."

The Daily Beast found that "Things get metaphysical in one of the most masterful hours of television since 'Breaking Bad.' The HBO series' creator explains the secrets behind the episode." Andrew Roman writes  "'Secret Fate' was the best installment of True Detective yet. In fact, it might have been the most masterful hour of television I've encountered since the series finale of Breaking Bad -and one of the most thought-provoking since, well, ever."

Paste Magazine says "The answer is there. Have you figured it out? When you really look at the evidence, it's obvious." Shane Ryan asks "Have you ever watched a one-hour episode of television that felt like four, and was still too short? Have you ever been overjoyed to realize you'll know everything in three short weeks? And has that same fact, for a passing moment, almost broken your heart?" found that "You'd think that after last week's climactic what-the-fuck race through the underworld ending that True Detective would start its dénouement. But no, these true detectives have jumped out of the fire and into a quicksand that just might pull them down to hell itself. ... Director Cary Fukunaga and writer Nic Pizzolatto continue to throw all the hints at you and let you digest them before they fill you in. When they show Marty's daughters fighting over a princess tiara, you're thinking about devil worshippers that sacrifice kids. Something wicked this way comes. You know it. But they give you just enough time for your imagination to run wild with endless horrific possibilities before they switch it with what is moving the story forward. It's the same kind of fun whiplash you get at bumper car rides." says "As dense as "The Secret Fate of All Life" appears to be whenever 2012 Rust Cohle opens his mouth, this week's episode of True Detective - like the four episodes preceding it - is a rather straightforward examination of good and evil's mirror images, the cyclical, eternal dance between hero and monster raging on every level of the universe."

Crave Online says "Ladies and gentlemen, we've been played. ... "True Detective" promised us an epic shootout in 1995 between Ledoux and our heroes. Both Cohle and Hart have alluded to that event in previous episodes, but we finally see it here in "The Secret Fate of All Life." And it's a lie. Hart and Cohle are liars.  ... "The Secret Fate of All Life" was one of the strongest episodes to date, with captivating turns in the story and great performances all around. Gilbough and Papania have a long way to go before they can be as compelling as Cohle and Hart. But if the time for talking is almost over, then Gilbough and Papania may both end up playing larger roles as "True Detective" heads into the second half of the season."

Screen Crush says "The final minutes of last week's episode were a technical feat, for sure, but watching Marty shoot LeDoux in the head without hesitation after seeing something shocking and mysterious (something we don't see when he does, which seems to reflect around the room like water) was an absolute stunner of a moment. Whatever they could possibly show in that container would both never be as horrific and somehow surpass the horror of our imagination, which is a technical feat in its own right."

CarterMatt says "True Detective" is a show that will haunt you, linger you, and even inspire you if you are a creative person. It is putting all modern day police dramas to shame as a king in its own right. Grade: A+."

Me? I'm going to HBO Go it all over again.

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