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Celebrities Who Love Big Bang As Much As We Do!

By Staff Reporter | February 19, 2014 02:52 AM EST


Teen Top's Changjo is a huge fan of Big Bang, and so are the rest of his buddies. In an interview with Elle Girl Magazine, the singer said, “We like them a lot. If you asked us to pick a senior artist that we really admire, most of us would pick Big Bang. Before we shoot a music video, we try to immitate the gestures and expressions that they do. The angles that Taeyang sunbae-nim makes while dancing, and even the way he moves his mouth while wearing sunglasses.”

In a press meeting with Shinhwa, leader Eric said that the group is big fans of Big Bang.

Gorgeous actress Song Hye Kyo said in an interview that Big Bang is her go-to group. She said, "I receive so much positive energy from listening to their music. I love the freedom they communicate. Sadly, I have not been able to attend one of their concerts yet." She should date T.O.P., what do you think?

American actress, comedian, and personality, Aisha Tyler is a huge fan of Big Bang. In an interview she said, “I’m obsessed with Korean pop ... People do you not know how awesome Korean pop is? Everybody only knows Psy, but K-Pop is like the best music in the world. K-Pop is the best, Big Bang and 2NE1.. I’m so into Korean pop, it’s the best.”

Singer Nelly Furtado loves Big Bang's T.O.P. She said, “I’ve already enjoyed K-Pop over the years. I’m really lucky enough to live in a city where you can go to a little Korean barbeque place and watch as many K-Pop videos you want on the TV screen ... Well, it’s kind of interesting because there’s the cultural divide where we’re so far in Canada and all the artists are really making their careers over here in Asia so the average K-Pop artist is not that easy to phone up on the phone ... I wanted T.O.P on Big Hoops!”

Actress Han Ga In said on a show that she's a huge fan of Big Bang. She even went as far to say that her cell phone wall paper and photo albums are inundated with Big Bang photos.

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