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Soyu And JungGiGo Shared Their Eating Habits And Dieting Method

By Hei Ryung | February 19, 2014 07:36 AM EST


Soyou and JungGgiGo did some revelation about their eating and dieting habits, this two who recently released their song "Some", made an appearance on February 18 edition of KBS' radio program "Jo Jung Chi and Ha Rim's 2 O'Clock" and was very open about their eating habits. JungGiGo aslo shared how he diets.

DJ Jo Jung Chi shared to Soyou, "I feel like there's nothing you can't eat," to which she replied, "There are foods that I haven't tried yet and there are foods I don't eat. I can't eat certain soups. I do enjoy Korean food. And it is true I do eat mostly everything, but I don't like foods that have a strong smell."

JungGgiGo shared, "I really have a mixed diet. I eat whatever I'm given. I even eat expired things." DJ pull off a joke saying, "Then do you eat things that fell on the floor too?" JungGgiGo unexpectedly replied, "I do," which made everyone laugh.. Soyou shared, "I eat while savoring the taste, but JungGgiGo just finds everything tasty."

JungGgiGo also revealed his secret to losing 15 kg (~ 33 lbs). He also shared his real reasons for dieting saying "I did it to live like a person. I always liked eating and am the type to gain weight. When I'm not promoting, I eat and play severely, but I'm the type to quickly lose weight when it becomes time to promote again... You can't tell [I gained weight] based on my outer appearance. I don't gain much weight in my face."

He also openly shared his own method , "This is a method that everyone already knows, but I don't eat a lot and I exercise. It was the regular method. I don't hang out with people. If I meet people, I end up eating. When I wake up in the morning, I go on the running machine on an empty stomach and then eat little like two bananas and tofu for about a month and a half to two months. I was almost at critical condition. As I starved myself and only got rid of body fat, I lost even more muscle."

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