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Which Type of Instagrammer Are You? (K-Pop Edition)

By Staff Writer | February 24, 2014 09:26 AM EST



You're a health buff. Majority of your posts relates to fitness and health. You want to get the program going, and you like to inspire people to eat their greens and take care of their bodies as well. Although Rainbow Woori's Intagram is fairly new, it has established a healthy personality.

The just-can't-get-enough

You just recently dyed your hair or bought a really, really cool jacket that you're absolutely in love with. So... there's a need to post at least three photos from the same setting, the same scenario just so you'd be able to get the word out. And yes, we understand that you're really lovin' your jacket Nari.

The traveller

You like seeing the world and you want people to see it, too. You travel a lot, and it'd be amiss not to take a beautiful photograph of some ancient architecture or have your own touristy photograph. Just by looking at their pictures, it already feels like you're travelling with KARA's Gyuri or Girls' Generation's Yuri.


You attend big parties with famous friends. Your Instagram is filled with photographs with the gang of people everybody wants to be friends with, or at least have a picture with. You're living the moment with all these cool people. And we don't see any reason why PSY shouldn't document it.

#selfie #selca

Alas! Everybody has done that ubiquitous selca. Although many celebs are guilty of overusing this hashtag, we're giving this round to Rainbows Jaekyung and B2ST's Doojoon. Dear Jaekyung! That's nearly 7 selcas in a row.

Artsy fartsy

You're either a hobbyist photographer or you just have this natural tendency of taking random photos of anything you see. But whichever it is, you manage to take these random shots into something really pretty to look at. Wooyoung, your page looks like a photograph's portfolio-and we're lovin' it.

Animal lover

As much like you enjoy having your own selcas, you also want your furry friend to take the spotlight. You want to introduce your pet to the world and get all the "aawwwwwww's" you could receive. And hey, I bet your pet loves the attention, too, JoKwon.


You're a fashion icon, and you don't even try. Your photos are all covered in glitz and glamour, without it being too much of an eyesore. You're a natural stylista and trendsetter. You are every bit like G-Dragon.

The Foodie

What I was taught, it's always prayer before meals. Nowadays, it's mostly take-a-photo before your meal. It's either you just have this innocent intention of letting people know your diet, or you have this evil desire to make them crave for something they can't have at midnight. Whatever it is, T-ara Qri's food photos are delish!

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