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An Interview With Seo In Guk - "I Want To Be The Bad Guy"

By Staff Writer | February 25, 2014 02:54 AM EST


Seo In Guk is a singer. He won first place for the inaugural season of "Superstar K" and debuted as a singer soon thereafter.

So why is it that more people now know him as an actor? What caused the transformation? What the secret to his success as an actor? When asked these questions, Seo In Guk responded with a sheepish grin.

When asked about the reason he became an actor, he said, "Debuting as a singer was more difficult than anything I had previously imagined. I didn't know if I wanted to continue, and while I was on the verge of quitting, I was lead to take a role as an actor. I'm very honest with my emotions, but I just couldn't tell my parents I wanted give up. Thankfully, I was able to take all that emotional build up and release it while acting."

When asked if he was doubtful about taking up this new career path, he stated, "I thought the viewers would be turned off by me. I was okay with doing it, but I did take extra care to do the best job I can do. For a fat character, I gained weight. For a skinny character, I lost weight. I took time to analyze my characters carefully."

Seo In Guk is a natural actor - that is, he has the unique ability to "become" the character he plays. On this, he commented, "I think the moment I 'try' too hard is when I lose my own grip on the character. Even if the character is meant to be stunning or cool, I need to be myself within that frame, because otherwise I would never be able to act for the same character. My fans have a hard time figuring out my character since 'the real me' bleeds through the characters I play, but I think it's a good thing than to be a one-dimensional character."

He continued, "I have had success playing the hero or the good guy. I really need to and desperately want to play a bad guy. Not just bad, but a villain - someone like the Dark Knight's 'Joker' who really doesn't have a moral compass."

On comments that he reminds people of Leonardo DiCaprio, he said, "Is it because I'm short? (Laughter) I wish I was even a little bit like Leo. He is an amazingly diverse actor and remains one of my favorite actors to date."

However, he stated, that he doesn't see DiCaprio as a role model. He elaborated, saying, "I don't like to have a role model neither as a singer nor an actor, because that to me, that means I am trying to fit into that person's mold. I feel like that would entrap me to forever be seen as a 'similar' person, instead of my own unique self."

Lastly, he was asked if he had someone in the industry that he wanted to work with. Seo In Guk stated, "I want to work with this writer named No Hee Kyung. She words everything very interestingly - for example, instead of 'I ate', she'd write 'The food? I ate it'. She has a unique way of making boring dialogue interesting, so I'd love to be considered by her for a part in her drama or movie."

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