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Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom Update [READ DOCUMENTS] CAUGHT Lying About Porn Sequel Farrah 2--Couples Therapy Star Makes $93,000 From Vivid on Her 2nd Sex Tape

February 25, 2014 07:07 PM EST

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Farrah Abraham Clearly Lying About Her Sequel(Photo TMZ)

Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom Update: Abraham is once again caught in her web of lies, this time it's not on Couples Therapy. It never ends for the Backdoor Abraham who drops fibs like it's her second job (after porn star). This time Farrah is lying about her porn sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor And More. Farrah claims she never gave Vivid Entertainment the rights to release a sex tape sequel, yet TMZ just acquired a legal document that proves Vivid Entertainment has every right to release Farrah 2: Backdoor And More because Farrah herself agreed to the terms! The document that was emailed to Vivid by Farrah Abraham herself states that the rights to all video(s), clips, audio, photographs and other material are to be given to Vivid Entertainment. If all porn videos are to be given to Vivid, then the Backdoor sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor And More can be used by Vivid however they want. Yet Farrah has hired lawyers to fight Vivid even though she will clearly lose the fight.

Not only is Farrah lying about the legal rights, but TMZ also stumbled upon her bank accounts (not sure how) that show Abraham made $93,000 off the Backdoor sequel! Abraham is caught telling fibs once again, and this time it's just too easy to call her out. But Farrah would lie about the color of her underwear if given the chance! Even Dr. Jenn Bermann can't help Farrah with this one. The highly anticipated sequel to porn Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah 2: Backdoor And More, was released on Feb.13th and it seems the only person that hasn't been entertained by Farrah 2 is the Teen Mom herself. Her lawyers claim that Farrah is a public figure, a mother, and an author, not a porn star. But having two porn videos in one year clearly places Farrah in the porn category. Farrah can deny it all she wants. Any video with the word Backdoor in the title while swinging on a sex swing and performing back door activites makes you a porn star!

 Farrah 2: Backdoor And More contains new (and grossly raunchy) footage, though Farrah lied that Backdoor And More only has extras from her first porn movie, Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom. I have seen clips and I assure you, the footage of Farrah is brand new and even more disgusting. Abraham makes noises and faces that I just can't stomach. Farrah signed away her rights to all Backdoor Teen Mom videos to Vivid Entertainment and can't do anything about the Farrah 2 sequel. Farrah has said her first sex tape 'ruined my life' and just to add more to her ridiculous behavior, Farrah told In Touch Magazine that she was 'drugged and raped' when promoting the original sex tape Backdoor Teen Mom! Yet sources confirm that the rape has not stopped Farrah from having sex again on camera with co-star James Deen, going through all of backlash second time with Farrah 2!

In another twist in Farrah's war on Vivid Enertainment, Vivid CEO believes that Farrah is lying about being raped while promoting Backdoor Teen Mom. Steve Hirsh is willing to pay Farrah one million dollars to take a lie detector test to show she's a liar! Highly doubt Farrah will take the test because we all know she loves to tell lies to gain sympathy.

Farrah Abraham is the biggest lying hypocrite in reality TV so we can't believe anything she says. Vivid tells us new footage, so we are taking their word! Farrah has cried multiple time on Couples Therapy and constantly swears that Backdoor Teen Mom was leaked and ruined her friendships. But everytime Farrah says something, she does something that completely negates it. When Farrah was crying on Couples Therapy about Backdoor Teen Mom, she was already in the works with Vivid to release her second porn, Farrah 2 Backdoor And More! Though Farrah claims that the footage is not new and is old extra footage fom Backdoor Teen Mom, Vivid Entertainment denies that claim and we would believe a porn company over Farrah any day!

The second porn by Farrah Abraham, Farrah 2: Backdoor And More, is not just extras from BackDoor Teen Mom. On Feb 13th, just in time for Vaentines Day, we can watch a whole new sex tape with Farrah and James Deen and Vivid Entertainment says it is even raunchier that Farrah part 1. And this time Farrah can not POSSIBLY try to convince us the tape is 'leaked.' Farrah can not keep lying. Their is just too much proof against her to back up her claims. Farrah is the girl who cried sex tape! I will definitely be watching (while barfing) Farrah 2: Backdoor And More on Feb 13th just despite Farrah!

Farrah said about her first tape:

"It made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money. If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life."

LIAR! Her lies continue on and off Couples Therapy as Farrah makes a joke out of the show.

If it wasn't for knowing that Farrah lied about her relationship to be on Couples Therapy, is fibbing about the details of her sex tape, and is now actually releasing another sex tape, the audience might actually have a tad of sympathy for Abraham.

But Farrah's lies are making the show cringe worthy to watch. Talking about how she's 'sexually depressed' and her sex tape situation is so painful is making Couples Therapy viewers gag. Last night Dr. Jenn had a private talk with Abraham without the Couples Therapy cameras and the single Teen Mom and the doc came out letting the other Couples Therapy cast know that Farrah has been though 'horrific things.'

Farrah cried. But remained mum about her problem for legal reasons. Apparently Farrah 'signed a big contract' prohibiting her from telling the others for issues in Therapy. So Farrah isn't in a couple and can't be honest. So what is the point of therapy?!

The other cast member are fed up with Farrah. She's distracting the group from getting the help that they need. Taylor Armstrong's fiancé admitted he can't relate to Farrah in any way because he just doesn't feel she's honest.

But the best confession was by Whitney Mixter, who described the boyfriend-less, lying Farrah as nothing more than "a chick in a room" if she can't actually contribute to the group in any way.

So how did Farrah get on Couples Therapy? Well, she was supposed to show up with boyfriend Brian Dawe, who so clearly barely knows Farrah. When the 'boyfriend didn't show up she said:

"And I'm so, like, kind of in shock. I obviously am, like, by myself and everybody has somebody here so I'm kind of, like, sad about it." Ok, so she's a tad less than educated than most people, but her tears and pauses were very plausible...if is wasn't for this admittance from Dawe:

"I got myself in this situation because I was only thinking about the profit I would be making from doing this show. That was wrong," Dawe told Starcasm.

"In the back of my head, I realized I could not participate in a TV show that would further exploit Farrah, and where I would have to lie to be involved."

The DJ continues ratting out Farrah. "Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real...I stepped out of the security line and made a life changing decision to stand up for what I believe in and turn down the check I would be receiving for my appearance on this show."

Brian also explained that she show faked his scenes. In the trailer Farrah is talkaing on the phone but Brian's voice was mysteriously left out. This girl will do anything for a paycheck and fame.

The fake boyfriend even has a real girlfriend! The girlfriend breaks her silence speaking out about how Farrah manipulated an entire story with her boyfriend to be on Couples Therapy.

The girlfriend says, "after attending an event Brian was DJ-ing, Farrah got his cell phone number from his agent, and immediately started asking if he would be interested in a reality show."

She continues, "After she confronted Brian about having a fake relationship to be on Couples Therapy, he sat me down and explained it all."

"I was shocked and obviously didn't know what do say, but he reassured me their relationship was fake and only a business deal to help their careers."

"It was hard to handle at first, but I trusted him."

The girlfriend speaks about dropping off Brian at the airport changing her mind about the lie:

"I was just crying. I didn't know what would happen. It was so hard. But thankfully, he had a change of heart and decided to back out... He called me and told me he wasn't doing it. It was cute."

Have you watched Farrah 2: Backdoor and More and what did you think?

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