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Music Core Showreel: Soyou And Jung Gi Go Wins On The March 1, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | March 03, 2014 10:33 AM EST


"Music Core" is back for another week that features great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Fabulous stage settings, fan chants, and screams are all seen and heard last night.

The stars who made their comebacks last night were BESTie by saying, "Thank U Very Much", CNBLUE "Can't Stop" by returning with their hit single. Nell traveled "Four Times Around The Sun", Melody Day made their debut by having "Another Parting", TVXQ made their return with "Spellbound", and 1PS made their debut by singing "Because I'm Your Girl."

Your nominees for the night were BTOB, Soyou & Jung Gi Go, and Sunmi. One trophy and three nominees; who will win? The winner for the March 1, 2014 episode of "Music Core" was Soyou and Jung Gi Go!! Congratulations!!!

So with this being said, let's get into the performance recaps from last night's episode.

Performance Recaps + Videos


CNBLUE says "Can't Stop" as they mix slow and fast tempo which is a mega-hit. While it is too early to say, Yonghwa and the rest of his members will definitely be nominated and win a trophy with this hit single from them. Fans of CNBLUE just cannot stop playing this song over and over again. Are you pressing the repeat button numerous times with this new single?


BESTie is almost like SISTAR; well, there is no one that can compare to them. But they do copy the crossing of their arms and the behind shaking. BESTie said "Thank U Very Much" and the fans of the girls cannot be anything more happier. BESTie has potential to rise and climb to the top; the K-Pop industry would love to see more of this girls. Are you a fan of BESTie?


Nell and his band members made their huge comeback as they tell about the pain of breaking up and dealing with it. The guys traveled "Four Times Around The Sun" and look what an amazing masterpiece came after the journey. Hopefully, Nell gets nominated and wins a trophy. Are you loving this new single?


We are going to Las Vegas to play some card games at a luxury hotel and TVXQ are the guys that will be scorching the cards. Yunho and Changmin are back for their follow-up single, "Spellbound." Ladies are popping out everywhere from left, right, and down as the guys are in a spell by being in-love. Great beat and one that will be a hot single from them. Definitely, they will be nominated and win even with the competition of numerous idols returning.

Melody Day

Awesome vocal group Melody Day had their hot debut last night as the ladies has returned. Their new single, "Another Parting" tells about the aching pain on what happens when someone you deeply love breaks up with you. Their vocals is the one that shows it as they sing this beautiful ballad song even though the lyrics are sad. What do you think about their new song?


Hot debut for new rookie female group 1PS said, "Because I'm Your Girl." Definitely fans will be in your hearts as they are getting numerous love this week. The song is cute and pure. Beautiful first single from the ladies. Are you a fan of 1PS?


No matter what B.A.P does to move on from love, everyday they fly back by being in-love again. B.A.P performed "1004 (Angel)" and with their powerful single, their devoted fans are screaming for them from beginning to end. Fly B.A.P and spread your angel wings by being number one always.


BTOB are driving down the freeway at 80mph by saying "Beep Beep" on slow drivers. Their new single is a R&B type of music which you can really hear each of the guys great voices. The repetition of "Beep Beep" through the music will definitely get you honking if your driving while listening to their song. Are you beeping with BTOB?

Sunmi Feat. Lena

Step into the door of Sunmi and Lena and it will be dark by having the "Full Moon" out. Sunmi wears her bright red lipstick while being a black vampire by wearing a black feathered wardrobe. Lena, the pure, wore a white wardrobe. Sunmi needs to win a trophy after this week because a new female group is making their return. You know who it is?

SM The Ballad

SM The Ballad makes up the duo of SHINee's Jonghyun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. The two sang "Breath" which is a beautiful ballad style song. While Jonghyun looked at Taeyeon, she did not return the stare by no eye contact. This is a beautiful song; though fans are just not feeling the right mood by the two not staring at each other. Looks like SM The Ballad might not win a trophy considering that the single is beautiful.

Soyou and Jung Gi Go

Soyou and Jung Gi Go sang their number one hit single, "Some." Soyou finally sits down and then both stand up by looking at one another. Beautiful song regarding the excitement of going on a first date. Congratulations to the duo!


Striped long shirt and jeans is what the ladies of SPICA wore as they said, "You Don't Love Me." The outfits are really beautiful and cute which makes them stand-out by saying we are SPICA, "love us." SPICA does have numerous fans; though they are just missing a trophy before their promotion is over. Narae is perfect as always and Boa's beauty will just make man go crazy. Plus, the ribbon only radiates her beauty on-stage more. Will SPICA ever win a trophy?


"Justice" need to be serve and C-CLOWN are coming strong with this new single from them. The song tells about bringing "Justice" to end school violence. Power concept from this new single from C-CLOWN. Would you like to bring "Justice" by liking their new single. They do not want to do this "Solo."


Ga-In wore a red short dress as she performed "Truth or Dare" last night. Ga-In has a great figure; though it is just not strong enough to place her up for nomination. Powerful and sexy while maintaining aegyo could have put her for nomination. Though with her other single "Fxxk U" not being promoted, Ga-In is just wowing the audience by entertaining.


BTS are "Boy In Luv" as they changed wardrobe by not removing their school uniforms. Instead, the guys wore jeans and a black leather jacket by having that bad boy concept. "Boy In Luv" is a strong and powerful single that shows the masculine side of Bangtan Boys.


SPEED are racing as they said, "Don't Tease Me" last night. With their awesome stage performance by having a circus concept, SPEED are energetic and with this new concept from them; definitely the members will not be teased. Nice outfits by having a magician, some sort of animal wardrobe, band member, Ronald McDonald, and everything that you will see probably at a circus. What do you think of SPEED's new single?


"What Should I Do" is what K-Much are saying with their new upbeat single. The song is about them falling in-love and needs to know what they should do. They have a woman they like and need some tips. This song is a much better one after their previous track. So K-Much fans, tell the guys what they should do.

Boys Republic

Welcome to the "Video Game" world where you can forget about time and problems in this digital world. Boys Republic sang their electronic single and it is definitely one that fans of the guys will enjoy listening. Are you ready to enter the "Video Game" world?

GP Basic

"Pika - Burnjack" is what the ladies of GP Basic performed last night as they performance was cut short. Though no worries, the ladies performed with numerous energy as they looked like Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation." Are you a GP Basic supporter?

Tae One

Tae One sings about the hardship one feels when a person is broken up with his or her loved one for his new single, "Break Away." On the music video, the woman is Tiny-G's Dohee; so maybe she might perform with him on-stage. "Break Away" was produced by Kang Woo Kyung, Choi Sung Ho, and many more. The point of this new single is to bring fantastic music to a person's ear. So, what is your opinion about Tae One's new single?

Lim Chae Un

Lim Chae Un played his soft ballad song titled, "Blue Habit." The song is sang beautifully; a shame that they cut it so short. Lim has a great voice and fans will definitely want to hear the full version. Are you a fan of Lim Chae Un?

Photo Credit: OSEN

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