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Dawson’s Creek Reunion Show Sickens Lead Star James Van Der Beek ‘I Just Wanted To Be Free,’ He Says; Katie Holmes & Michelle Williams Feud To End

By Staff Writer | March 04, 2014 02:35 AM EST


A Dawson's Creek reunion show could have made fans of the hit teenage drama show ecstatic, knowing that Katie Holmes & Michelle Williams are willing to end their long feud to pave way for it.

Apparently the 'Batman Begins' star is willing to make amends and let by gones be by gones with her former co-star to pave way for a possible "Dawson's Creek" reunion, according to a report from OK! Magazine.

The source of the magazine claims that, "Michelle and Katie did not get along while the teen drama was on the air... but Katie hopes they can both put the past behind them. She wants to make amends with Michelle. Katie's all over that now and she's much more confident and stronger as a person and will let bygones be bygones. The reunion is just as much about restoring a friendship as it is about a TV show."

Could fans of the hit teen drama series returning to Capeside, Massachusetts?

"She wants to make amends with Michelle. Even though it's arguable that Michelle was the main aggressor on the set, Katie's over all that now and she's much more confident and stronger as a person and will let bygones be bygones," an insider claimed.

Originally, Joshua Jackson who played Pacey in the hit TV series is pushing for the reunion, and has presented the idea to the 35-year old actress; Katie jumped right in and reportedly wants to push thru with the project.

And if Michelle agrees to the idea as well, James Van Der Beek "will have no choice but to follow," according to Jackson.

It's not impossible for Michelle to join in as she reportedly said in the past that she's up for it if the circumstances were right.

The 'Oz The Great & Powerful' star said during a Comic Con that:

"I would very happily do a reunion show, I don't know what it would be," Williams quipped as she added, "My character died in the end, so there are certain limitations for me. It's either I come back as a ghost or I'm shot through a lot of gauzy, hazy light as my nineteen-year-old self."

"I've always said that I would really love to and I think independently, we've all been saying that. So at some point I hope that it does happen [as] . . . a way to honor the past and what a big deal it was for the four or five of us and what a big deal it was for the people who watched it."

However, James Van Der Beek who plays the lead role "Dawson" in the hit TV series may not be as enthusiastic as his co-stars.

"I kind of hoped it would grind those wheels to a halt in terms of getting asked about it," he told, when asked if that paved the way for a reunion. "Kevin [Williamson, Dawson's creator] said very eloquently that it's not going to happen. As flattering as it is that anybody cares about work I did ten or 12 years ago..."

James who played the titular role of Dawson Leery in the show, was far from being upset when the show finally ended, in fact he was excited about it.

"I got Dawson's when I was 20, so I was 26 by the time it was done. I couldn't wait to be done. I just wanted to be free. I was like a kid on the last day of school. I just wanted to be out for the summer, and to start my life too," he explained. "Every year for nine months out of the year, I'd have to go back and play someone five years younger. And just in terms of life, it felt like it would be really good to leave that behind and not to have to constantly delve back five years and play somebody my own age."

"Nobody is writing it, nobody's producing it. It's just stupid," when interviewed by CNN on 2012. Perhaps, things may have changed since then. Well "Dawson's Creek" fans sure hope so.

And with Michelle Williams character "Jen Lindly," who unfortunately died in the series finale. "I come back as a ghost," she quipped.

"Dawson's Creek" fans are surely waiting for this one to happen, and will 2014 pave way for the long awaited reunion?

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