Oscar Pistorius’ Trial Becomes Emotional; Bladed Olympian In Tears As Witnesses Recalls Night He Shot Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius' trial for murder becomes emotional as the man dubbed "Blade Runner" was in tears as witnesses narrate what happened on the night he shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, to death.

Barrister Barry Roux read aloud the post-mortem medical report on March 3 on the injuries the victim has sustained, the Olympian can be seen leaning forward as if wishing he wasn't there, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

At one point of the trial, Oscar Pistorius covered both his ears with his hands as the description became even more graphic.

According to the post-mortem report, the 29-year-old model succumbed to the lone bullet on the brain. Oscar Pistorius apparently fired four times from behind the toilet door--one bullet was lodged on the bathroom wall, another hit her on the thigh and another on the shoulder.

The Oscar Pistorious' trial began with the defense trying to cross-examine, Dr. Michelle Burger, the state's first witness. In her testimony, she claimed to have heard a scream after the final shot was fired. But the advocate countered that it was impossible since the last bullet was the one that killed her.

Her testimony during the trial of Oscar Pistorius was supported by her husband, Charl Johnson, who claimed that he heard screams prior and after gunshots rung out.

"It was clear that this person's life was in danger. That's when the first shots were fired," Johnson said per MailOnline. "And I remember during the succession of shots, I heard the lady scream again and the last scream faded moments after the last gunshot was fired."

The testimonies differed from Oscar Pistorius' account who didn't say anything about her girlfriend screaming during the shooting. He had said that he thought the person inside was an intruder which prompted him to fire his gun.

Oscar Pistorius appeared pensive through the trial, but wrote down notes during the testimony of the witnesses.

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