MBLAQ Looking To Turn Things Around With New Mini-Album 'Broken'

Once upon a time, MBLAQ went head to head with B2ST. The two groups debuted at the same time, and all eyes were on the group created by Rain and its rival, the group full of so-called "rejects."

Since then, both groups have done well, but B2ST easily leads in popularity. MBLAQ has a large fanbase, but is no longer considered to be on par with B2ST.  While B2ST racks up awards on music shows, MBLAQ has struggled to win fans and awards.  

Although the group received several year-end nominations, their last album, Sexy Beat, didn't attain major success and hardly gained any recognition.

But with the upcoming sixth mini album Broken, MBLAQ may have a chance to regain the spotlight. While individual members are popular, MBLAQ really needs this album to be a success, especially since J.Tune Camp's other artists (TwoX and Pro C) haven't gained a lot of attention.

As of March 9, teaser images of the five members have been posted on J.Tune Camp's official Facebook and Twitter pages, showing the members in black and white suits.

In comparison to the shockingly neon teaser pictures that preceded Sexy Beat, Broken's teaser pictures are much tamer. But while Sexy Beat went for the shock factor, Broken's teaser images feature MBLAQ looking much more mature and charismatic. 

The fact that J.Tune Camp is already releasing teasers for the latest mini album means that fans will be anxious by the end of March, when the album will be revealed. Broken won't be released until March 24, which means that the current Girls' Generation and 2NE1 rivalry will have died down. Building anticipation is a surefire way to gain attention, and since it's unlikely that MBLAQ will face a lot of competition around then from groups with larger fanbases, Broken may very well be a hit.

MBLAQ has traditionally done well with stronger concepts like This Is War, so there is a chance that Broken will do nothing for MBLAQ's image and the group will need a stronger comeback to gain the public's attention. But if everything works out right, MBLAQ will be in the spotlight and may very well once again be seen as a major player in the K-Pop scene. 

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