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CL Receiving Death Threats From Alleged Muslims For Possible 'MTBD' Quran Verse On 2NE1 'Crush' Album

By Staff Reporter | March 10, 2014 01:52 PM EDT


After the recent success with 2NE1's new album "Crush," controversy surrounding CL's solo song "MTBD" is boiling over rapidly due to allegations of verses from the Quran being used on the track.

Things appeared calm until a YouTube video was uploaded of CL doing a live performance of "MTBD" on the 2NE1 "All or Nothing" tour.

This particular video more than the actual song itself is receiving a lot of backlash as some people claim they can hear children in the background using something that could be similar to a melodic Quran verse.

Now, CL's Instagram as well as the official 2NE1 Facebook page, YouTube channel, as well as Twitter is being inundanted with criticism towards the song.

Some are even making death threats toward CL, causing the 2NE1 leader to begin blocking people on Instagram.

"If CL song 'MTBD' really contains recitations of the Quran, 2NE1 can say goodbye to their Malaysia World Tour concert," writes KyaryHime on Twitter.

"Any backlash honestly needs to be directed to the person making the production decisions on the song (Teddy) and perhaps the company (YG Entertainment)," writes Asian Junkie contributor IATFB.

"I honestly don’t get the specific death threats ('chop you up into pieces,' really?) and the reaction that consists of swearing her off forever. I generally empathize by putting myself into the situation of the other person, but even given the most insulting things I could think of, I couldn’t see myself being driven to such illogical rage."

What do you think of this controversy? Is there Quran verse in "MTBD" or are Muslims and trolls overreacting?

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