Got7 Signs With Record Label Sony Japan: Group To Make Japanese Debut In April

Domo arigato Sony!

The seven-piece South Korean hip-hop boy band Got7 appears to be attempting to broaden their fan base in Japan.

On Monday, the group's record label JYP Entertainment announced that the group has signed a recording contract with Sony Japan and will perform at two showcases in the country in April.

The first Got7 performance in the island nation, entitled "First Impact in Japan" is scheduled for April 4 in Tokyo, according to the Korean media outlet eNEWS.

"JYP's boy band Got7 will be launching its first showcase in Japan, only three months after their debut, at a giant stadium that holds up to 9,000 people," read a statement on Monday from the group's record label JYP Entertainment.

That stadium, known as Ryōgoku Kokugikan or Ryougoku Sumo Hall, has a capacity of 13,000 people.

The venue is most likely best known among K-pop fans as being the location of boy band 2PM's own Japanese debut back in 2010.

The groups second showcase will reportedly be held on April 17 in a considerably smaller venue. Osaka's Zepp Namba only has a capacity of just over 2,500.

The stadium is one of six music halls spread across Japan that are owned and operated by Sony Japan. All six are sponsored by Asahi Breweries.

 "Please continue to show your support for Got7 as they expand their activities abroad," the JYP statement added.

The push for Got7's Japanese debut could have been prompted by the instant success the group experienced there following the release of their album "Got It?" on Jan. 20.

An estimated 10,000 fans registered for the "Got7 Japan Official Mobile Site," before the group even had a distribution deal there.

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