Oscar Pistorius’ Trial Gets Messy! Olympian "Blade Runner" Vomits Inside Courtroom Following Autopsy Testimony On Reeva Steenkamp’s Injuries

Oscar Pistorius' murder trial just entered a whole level of mess when the man they call "Blade Runner" vomitted inside the courtroom when details of the extent of former girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's injuries were read aloud.

The double-amputee runner puked loudly when he heard about the graphic details contained in the autopsy, CBC News reported.

Expert witness Prof. Gert Saayman read aloud the autopsy and also identified the bullet taken from the model's skull during Oscar Pistorius' trial. According to CBC, reporters were banned from reporting the autopsy due to the graphic details.

But reporters were allowed to report the testimony of the witness.

Judge Thokozile Masipa then ordered a stop to Oscar Pistorius' trial when the Blade Runner retched. He was also given a bucket where he can vomit before the proceedings continued.

"Twitter is not allowed. Blogging is not allowed," the judge ordered, according toRadar Online.

The professor also said that Reeva Steenkamp died after two hours based on the food taken from her stomach. The testimony was in direct contrast to Oscar Pistorius' claim that they were already in bed by 10 p.m. after dinner.

According to the post-mortem report, the 29-year-old model died from the lone bullet to the brain when Oscar Pistorius shot her around 3 a.m. Three other bullets were lodged on the bathroom wall, another hit her on the thigh and another on the shoulder.

But Prof. Gert Saayman claimed that the three gunshot wounds she sustained could be fatal on their own. Her right arm was broken and she also suffered multiple skull fractures.

On March 3, barrister Barry Roux read aloud the post-mortem medical report for Reeva Steenkamp and the former Olympian can be seen leaning forward as if wishing he wasn't there, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

During the March 3 trial, Oscar Pistorius even covered both his ears when the autopsy became even more graphic.

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