[Exclusive] SMTOWN Mesmerized 12,000 US Fans: BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation (SNSD), SHINee, f(x)

SMTOWN returned back to LA after their last successful show in 2010, the concert was held last night with 12,000 fans at Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

'SMTOWN Live World Tour 2012' kicked off in LA, Honda Center was jam packed with ardent K-Pop fans from all over the states ranging from San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle even from the Midwest Chicago, Denver, Texas, even from the East Coast as far as New York.

Honda Center opened the venue door from 6PM PDT the seats were filled up 5 minutes before the concert, which began at 7PM PDT. Fans full of energy were seen cheering even 30 minutes before the concert began as there was a SM artist’s video playing in the large screen before beginning of the show.

The show finally began at 7:10PM PDT with host Leeteuk of Super Junior, Tiffany and Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation announcing the opening of ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour 3.’

The opening act was performed by SHINee with ‘Lucifer’ as to cast a spell with their song, it seemed to be the best choice for the opening act as the song has received much love from fans since its release on July 2010. Followed by ‘Amigo’ and ‘Juliette,’ SHINee drove the fans into frenzy during their 10 minute performance.

Super Junior shook the heart of fans as the boys dominated the stage with their charisma matching their title as the leading top boy group in East Asia. The stage was changed to become wider as the group has more members than other groups, the boys performed two songs ‘Super Man’ and ‘Don’t Don’ with loud cheer of fans filling up the entire stadium.

f(x) made their appearance as the third group to perform for the show. The girls performed ‘Hot Summer’ released last year, followed by ‘NU ABO’ giving fans a fresh new atmosphere.

Girls’ Generation performed their hit songs ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Genie’ that signifies their opening the era of girl’s generation. The group seemed more comfortable performing in front of an American crowd as the group held their performance in New York before. The girls showed off their sexy yet cute and passionate image. Fans were sad as Yoona and Yuri were missing from the group due to their drama schedules.

TVXQ’s amazing performance put fans into wonder if another group could dominate the stage as TVXQ does with only 2 members. The concert seemed to reach a peak of its excitement as Yunho and Changmin shared their short introduction stating their gratitude’s toward their fans and encouraging everyone to enjoy the show till the end.

BoA who is a world top star even beyond Asia, was the first SM artists who entered into the US market. She showed off her top star like stage manner and communicating freely with the audience. She just arrived after finishing a concert in Japan, however she nailed her performance of ‘One Dream,’ ‘I Did It For Love,’ and ‘Hurricane Venus’ receiving a huge round of applause from the audience.

EXO performance was done perfectly not showing any signs of being a rookie among other experienced groups. Fans have been fairly familiar with EXO gave an overwhelming response for their performance. The group first appeared through the video sharing their thoughts, “We are thankful that we are able to stand on stage with our senior artists.” The group delivered a splendid performance.

SMTOWN Live World Tour 3 in LA received a huge response from fans as there were special collaborations between different groups.

Super Junior and f(x), Onew (SHINee) and Luna, Jessica (Girls' Generation) and Krystal (f(x)) performances touched the hearts of fan through their special stage performances. The special performance of Changmin (TVXQ) and Kyuhyun (Super Junior) especially garnered a lot of attention One lucky fan was invited on the stage as both boys belted out romantic songs melting the hearts of many female fans. Many fans were envious of the girl who was selected.

The grand finale of the concert concluded with the entire artists of SMTOWN performing ‘Hope’ by H.O.T. on stage. Leeteuk concluded the concert with his closing remarks stating, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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