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Barkhad Abdi Of ‘Captain Phillips’ Fame Is Reportedly Broke; $65,000 Fee To Actor All Used Up; Went To Award Shows On Loaned Clothes, Borrowed Car

By Staff Reporter | March 13, 2014 04:24 PM EDT


Barkhad Abdi of “Captain Phillips,” where he earned multiple nominations for his role as a leader of Somalian pirates is reportedly broke, the New Yorker says. The 28-year-old former Limousine driver was on top of the world the past awards season as he hobnobbed with the world’s entertainment elite.

“When Abdi is in Los Angeles to promote the film, he subsists on a per diem, the town car is available only for official publicity events. His clothes are loaners,” the New Yorker reported, which broke the story on Abdi’s financial state.

The Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actor was said to have earned $65,000 for his role in “Captain Phillips.” He was given the supposed talent fee two years ago and has since spent all of it.

After the actor finished working on the film, he began working at a mobile phone store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When “Captain Phillips” premiered, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles.

“Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks had a $55 million budget and has since grossed $107 million domestically and $217 million worldwide. Abdi, however, who played the role as one of the pirates, hasn’t seen any bonuses or extra paychecks despite the film’s blockbuster haul.

According to AOL, a writer for the IndieWire claimed that $65,000 for an actor’s first gig is fair. But the publicity surrounding Barkhad Abdi’s finances maybe just what he needs.

"Sometimes, when a studio is embarrassed by negative PR like this ... it tries to correct things. So it's very possible that Sony Pictures will give Abdi a huge financial bonus in reaction to the New Yorker article, which would be fair and very well deserved,” the writer observed, as posted by AOL.

The Hollywood Reported has noted that Abdi has been cast in a new movie, “The Place That Hits The Sun.” The upcoming film is about a South African marathon runner who develops an unlikely friendship with a local bar owner.

Thanks to his new gig, it may not be long until he’s once again cashing in a hefty paycheck. Aside from being nominated at the Academy Awards, he was also a nominee for a Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild award. He took home a BAFTA award for his role in “Captain Phillips.”

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