IU Shared Her Opinion About Her Title As The 'Nation's Little Sister'

IU has been tagged the title 'Nation's Little Sister' ever since her rise to stardom, but she revealed that she rather not be called by that nickname. The reason behind this?

On the March 14th broadcast of SBS Radio "K.Will's Young Street", IU shared, "The first generation of the 'nation's little sister' is Lim Ye Jin sunbaenim and below her, everyone is equal."

IU also continued, "I just want to be a nation's citizen... There are a lot of celebrities who are holding the title of the 'nation's little sister' these days, so I don't think it holds much meaning."

She also revealed that she's been friends with Korean skater Kim Yuna, "We once did a variety show together and sang a duet song, so I became friends with her." She went on to share how She and Kim Yuna got closer and how through the variety show "Kiss and Cry" the two of them sung a duet "Ice Flower". 

Would you agree on IU's reason why she wouldn't want the title as 'nation little sister'?

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