'The King 2 Hearts' Behind Cuts Revealed!

Actors from the drama 'The King 2 Hearts' have been dedicated to filming without showing any signs of exhaustion even with their tight schedule. All of them have been filming harmoniously with an energetic attitude for creating the drama.

For the past four months, the actors have been living together to film the drama and became a huge family. From the pictures from behind the scenes, all the actors are smiling at each other. Regardless of the situation, it has been reported that all of the actors always kept their positive attitude and their smiles, which created the most happy and energetic environment for filming the drama.

Ha Ji Won is the main person who brought out the energetic and happy attitude in everyone. Every single actor that works with Ha Ji Won states, 'When you're working with Ha Ji Won, you can't help but smile.' Ha Ji Won is famous for her energetic and optimistic personality in the industry.

Lee Seung Gi on the other hand was given the nickname 'Energizer' on the set of the drama. Lee Seung Gi joked around on the set and brought out his comedian side during breaks to bring laughter to cast and crew of the drama.

Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk had to re-do numerous scenes from sudden bursts of laughter. The collaboration of the two actors has been gaining a lot of attention for their connection. Also, Lee Soon Jae and Jo Jung Suk spoke to each other as if they were really father and son in order to bring out the best of emotions during the filming. The relationship the actors built with each other during the filming of the drama 'The King 2 Hearts' seem priceless.

Representatives of 'The King 2 Hearts' released, “We have exactly two episodes left of the drama and I think the cast and crew will be able to successfully show the finale without any mistakes. There will be huge surprises at the end that nobody could predict so I hope the viewers are waiting patiently because it will be worth it.”

Meanwhile, the drama 'The King 2 Hearts' has two episodes remaining which is to air on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55PM KDT.

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