'Fashion King' Complicated Love

The last episode of 'Fashion King' that aired on May 22nd, Yoo Ah In's death shocked many devoted viewers of the drama. Yoo Ah In's unfinished love with Shin Se Kyung added to the tragedy of his death.

During the episode, Ka Young (Shin Se Kyung) hears news of the death of Young Gul's (Yoo Ah In) father. When Young Gul comes back home depressed after his business starts to crumble, he finds Ka Young waiting for him. Ka Young tried to cheer him up by preparing dinner for him and by showing him her new designs. Feeling much better, Young Gul smiled and wanted to open a fashion show for Ka Young.

When Young Gul's business goes under, Ka Young goes to Jae Hyuk and says, 'Why are you doing this to him? If you're mad at me, be angry at me." Upset by her attitude, Jae Hyuk goes after her and says, 'How much longer are you going to speak about him? If you really want, I could leave you alone forever. Because I love you' and confessed his love.

Young Gul on the other hand visits Jae Hyuk to borrow money so that he could open a fashion show for Ka Young. Jae Hyuk was astonished at the request and refused and even stated that he will no longer work with YGM. Young Gul then stated that he will give all of YGM to Jae Hyuk if he opened a fashion show for Ka Young.

After the meeting, Young Gul goes back to the factory and leaves a necklace and candy next to a sleeping Ka Young. When Ka Young woke up, she assumed that he left for good.

When Jae Hyuk arrived at Ka Young's home, he finds plane tickets and a letter that Young Gu left for her. The letter contained Young Gul's confession of his love for her and his address in the United States. Jae Hyuk hid the letter and asked Ka Young to leave to New York with him. Ka Young began to cry as she believed that Young Gul just simply abandoned her.

Young Gul ran to find Ka Young as soon as he heard that she was in New York. To his surprise however, he sees her enjoying herself with Jae Hyuk and leaves without saying a word. Young Gul remembers the memories he shared with Ka Young and fails to hide his tears.

Young Girl comes back to his house completely drunk and calls Ka Young. Young Gul, while crying, tells Ka Young that he misses her and Ka Young also tells him that she misses him too. However, Young Gul is killed by a stranger who suddenly appears with a gun. Young Gul dies right away and misses what Ka Young says to him on the phone.

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