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K-Pop Throwback: Why Snacky Chan's 'I Feel Sorry For Your Mother' Stands The Test Of Time [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | March 18, 2014 04:14 PM EDT


It's always exciting when an artist defies expectations.

When you see the title of the "I Feel Sorry For Your Mother" the 2004 track by Seoul-based Korean-American rapper Snacky Chan, the first expectation of anyone familiar with hip-hop's past is that it is going to be a playful riff on mom jokes.

What follows is a powerful first-hand description of a friend killed by gun violence.

"To my man Dave, at your grave I silently pray," Chan raps in the opening line of "I Feel Sorry For Your Mother."

Though he fails to mention whether his slain friend was caught up in drugs or gangs, the hard-slinging classic-sounding hip-hop groove and his addition of the line, "Philly streets remain ill," makes you wonder whether the shooting was accidental or just a terrible coincidence.

But instead of just focusing on the incident itself, Chan raps about its affect on the people Dave left behind, starting with his mom.

Obviously, Chan is not the first hip-hop artist to deal with the issue of a slain friend (Jay-Z's "Lucifer" is one standout track that comes to mind).

But by making his lyrics specific and honest, without any glorification or attempts to look cool, Snacky Chan carves out new ground for himself here.

A huge part of this originality comes from the song's beat, which is truly a work of art.

Over a different musical backdrop, the lyrics of "I Feel Sorry For Your Mother" could have failed in a major way, but the production is so tight and the are rhymes are delivered so powerfully, it take a few listens to even realize it's a tragic tale.

Listen to the classic 2004 K-hip-hop track "I Feel Sorry For Your Mother" by Snacky Chan RIGHT HERE

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