'Fashion King' Yoo Ah In Makes the Audience Cry with Him

The episode of 'Fashion King' that aired on the 21st of May revealed a scene that showed Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In) grieving his father's death. Kang Young Gul went to the funeral after receiving news that his father had been staying at the homeless shelter when he died.

Young Gul's father had left him and his little sister 20 years ago and has never contacted them since. Young Gul always resented his father for abandoning him and his little sister, who died when their aunt refused to take her to the hospital for an illness. Although Young Gul had millions of money after his success with his brand, he had a hard time facing his father/father's death.

Young Gul had been saying to Ka Young (Shin Se Kyung), 'Let's go somewhere together', with intentions of taking her to meet his father. However, his hopes of introducing Ka Young to his father all went down the drain with the news of his father's death. At the funeral, Young Gul was crushed again when his aunt told him how his father had been running away for 2 years because he didn't have enough money to pay his debt.

Young Gul had not shown any tears during the funeral but when he enters a bar after the funeral, he breaks down completely. Young Gul realizes that he doesn't even have one friend that he can call out for a drink. Young Gul ends up calling out Jang Il Gook, who is his driver and only 'friend.’

Il Gook, who didn't know what was going on, begins to trash talk Young Gul who has changed a lot after his success. Young Gul spoke to Il Gook with a more disrespectful tone which led to Il Gook to punch Young Gul. Young Gul only repeated, 'Hit me more! Just kill me!' without fighting back.

After Il Gook leaves the scene of the incident, Young Gul begins to cry out like a young boy crying out for his parents. Kang Young Gul needed the help from alcohol to express his emotions even after the death of his father.

Yoo Ah In's acting impressed many viewers and brought tears to their eyes. Viewers commented, 'I got goose bumps from his acting', 'It is so tragic to see that he didn't have any family or friends to celebrate with even after his great success', and 'His crying scene is seriously so impressive.’

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