Google Headquarters Building Too Small for The Fever of K-Pop?

Google Head Quarter Building was too Small for Compared to the Fever of K-pop?

K-pop concert on 21st of May was known to almost be held at a smaller venue of Google headquarters.

K-pop concert 'MBC Korean Music Wave in Google' was held at Shoreline Amphitheatre outdoor concert hall. The event took place in celebration to MBC's content partnership with Google/YouTube as well as the 7th anniversary of YouTube.

The concert originally planned to be held at 'Charles Square' which is smaller scale theatre located in Google headquarter building. It was only for the family of Google employees however Google decided to change the venue to a larger outdoor concert hall just across the street due to many requests from local K-pop fans.

'Charles Square' is also meaningful space where popular pop singer Lady Gaga, business woman Martha Stuart, soccer player David Beckham have visited and met Google employees. But it was too small to hold K-pop concert, according to a representative of Google.

As it turned out, 22,000 tickets were sold out within an hour and more than 190,000 comments were posted on YouTube during the live broadcast of the concert.

Google South Korea spokeswoman Park Sun-kyung stated "Although it may be a difficult to calculate the exact number of internet viewers that watched live broadcasting of K-pop concert, we still estimate it to be more than few millions of people.”

MBC Korean Music Wave in Google LIVE COVERAGE!】   ▶Click Here!



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