'Love Rain' Why Are They Choosing the Hardest Path?

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KBS drama 'Love Rain' is based on an original plot that is ahead of its time with its complicated parents/children relationships and their fight against the world to protect their love.

The cliché is no longer the cliché in 'Love Rain' because it is the main focus and also the reason for the drama's popularity. However, one thing that does seem to be tiring the audience is the fact that all the cliché moments in Korean dramas have all come together in 'Love Rain.' Tuberculosis, misunderstandings, army, breakups, long-lost (30 years) love, the lovers' children's love, blindness and etc. All the main factors that dramatize various dramas have all combined into one single drama here.

In the episode that was aired on May 22 featured the breaking of the engagement of the parents of Jun (Jang Keun Suk) and Hana (Yoona), which meant that the two young love birds could officially continue their romance. However, Hye Jung (Yu Hye Ri) was against the two and tried to interfere. In addition, Tae Sung's (Kim Young Kwang) mother appeared and becomes involved in the attempt to interfere.

To add to the drama, Yoon Hee (Lee Mi Sook) loses her sight. The tragedy brings the four main characters to one place again and the story is predicted to become even more complicated. Even though it is about time the complicated mess becomes untangled, but the drama continues to complicate things even more.

There are currently two episodes of 'Love Rain' remaining. It seems clear that there won't be any kind of surprise ending. The homework for the creators of the drama is now this: to untangle all the mess that has been created so that the drama could have a clean happy ending. That would be the most appropriate gift for the dedicated viewers of the drama.

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