'Rooftop Prince' Yoochun & Han Ji Min's Wedding - Epitome of Romance

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The 19th episode of SBS 'Rooftop Prince' that aired on the 23rd of May featured the most romantic wedding of Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and Lee Gak (Yoochun). When both of them became aware of the lack of time Lee Gak had in the present time, Park Ha proposed to Lee Gak.

Naturally at first, Lee Gak refused to marry Park Ha for her own good but eventually agreed to marry her because of their love for each other. Lee Gak gave Park Ha a royal piece of jade, which he had hidden 300 years ago, as a wedding gift to his future wife.

In the midst of their wedding planning, Do Chisan (Choi Woo Shik), Woo Yong Sul (Jung Suk Won) and Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho) all become time warped back to the Chosun Dynasty. Lee Gak and Park Ha, nervous as can be, hold hands and refuse to let go even while they're eating or sleeping. While they're lying in bed together, Lee Gak says to Park Ha, 'Thank you. I'm sorry.' Park Ha then replies 'Don't say things like that' and shakes her head. Lee Gak then tells Park Ha 'I love you' and they hug each other tightly with tears in their eyes.

Eventually, Lee Gak and Park Ha wed and become husband and wife inside of the rooftop house. Even while they both know that they will soon have to say goodbye, they promise to love and respect each other until death. They share a tearful kiss and suddenly, Lee Gak's body began to fade away. Lee Gak tried to smile and calm Park Ha while she began to panic at the sight of her husband disappearing. Lee Gak held out his hand but before Park Ha could hold it, he disappears before they could say a word.

With tears in her eyes, Park Ha says out loud, 'Did you leave? Can't you hear me? I should have said goodbye. I'm so stupid, I couldn't say anything.' Just like the unexpected meeting of Lee Gak and Park Ha, their farewell was unexpected as well.

Yoochun played the role of a man who was heartbroken from having to leave the love of his life. His bitterness was expressed perfectly in the last tearful smile he showed her before his disappearance. Han Ji Min was crying so hard that she could barely keep her eyes open. Even though they didn't speak a word to each other, their eyes said everything.

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