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K-Pop Fashion Ace: SHINee’s Key

By Jody C. | March 22, 2014 05:21 PM EDT


In K-Pop, great emphasis is placed on looks.

Although sometimes criticized due to its superficial nature, there is still no doubting the importance of one’s appearance – especially that of a celebrity status. Idols spotting near perfect, immaculate looks from the top to bottom are part of the norm. Yet sadly, most of these times the ones truly overshadowed by the dashing idols are the true fashion-forward people – their fashion stylists.

It is hard to sieve out the true fashionistas from the pool of impeccably decorated idols – since their fashion and hair stylists define most of their looks. But having said that, there are still certain K-Idols particularly famous for being especially fashion-inclined.

One K-Idol may come into mind when the term “fashionista” is mentioned.

SHINee’s Key (real name Kim KiBum), 22, has had a highly successful career with SHINee thus far. Known for being a sociable and popular idol even amongst K-Idols themselves, Key is also talented in languages and one other vital aspect in the industry itself – Fashion.

Key is noted to have participated in the prestigious Seoul Fashion Week religiously in the past couple of years. One can certainly infer how much fashion means to Key, when despite his hectic schedule, he still forks out the time to attend fashion shows to be in the know of the current fashion scene.

Key’s quirky style is particularly eye-catching, and he is often not afraid to mix crazy colors together to achieve wacky and funky fashion looks. Slightly reminiscent of fashion icon, G-Dragon, both are perceived not to follow trends too much but instead, showcase their own unique styles, mixing elements of both new trends with old-fashioned items.

Needless to say, being endowed with sharp features and a porcelain complexion only adds as a bigger bonus to Key’s cutting edge fashion looks. Key sets a good example of a fashionista able to dress in clothes that highly complements his pale, flawless complexion and slim physique – all aspects highly revered in the K-Pop industry, making him one of the most favorable K-Idols for fashion spreads.

More recently, we have seen Key, with his “We Got Married” virtual wife Arisa Yagi (French-Japanese model) in Cosmopolitan’s spread – both idols looking stunning in modern bride-and-groom outfits.

Although there may be countless fashionistas in the appearance-conscious world of K-Pop, Key remains to be one of the most inspiring fashion icons, staying true to originality – and showing that fashion should always be fun.

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