MBLAQ's Stage Outfits Burnt To Ashes + Preparing for 'Broken'

It has been revealed that MBLAQ has suffered an accident prior to the release of their 6th mini-album Broken.

On the afternoon of March 24 at the Children's Grand Park in Seoul, MBLAQ held a showcase to initiate their series of promotions for their new mini-album Broken.

MC Park Kyung Lim, who was hosting the showcase, asked member G.O to elaborate on the preparations for the mini-album. Amidst the chain of questions, G.O mentioned one particular event that was rather shocking, "In our stylist's office there was an accidental fire. It's a relief that no one was hurt. However, the outfits that we wore on our music video were all burnt to ashes. We had to hurriedly prepare another set of outfits for our showcase."

In addition he said, "The decision as to what would be our title track took a long time. Even though it has been the case for every album, on this new mini-album we especially focused on transmitting emotional depth."

Seungho stated, "We have all grown and aged in this period of inactivity. Some members trimmed down their weight. Thunder exercised and sculpted his physique. Mir displays an elevated level of masculinity because of his fat loss.  Lee Joon lost weight because of his very busy schedule."

Mir added, "I don't know if it's because we haven't had a comeback in such a long time, but the hunger to release a new album was imminent. I became skinnier and skinnier. It was during our preparations for this new album that my weight started to go up. Today, the day of our showcase, I look the best I have since a long time."

MBLAQ's Broken will include title track "Be a Man" as well as "Our Relationship", "12 Months", "Key", "Because There Are Two" and "Still With You".

Check out their music video for "Be a Man" below!


Be A Man
Lee Joon


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