'Rooftop Prince' Yoochun Eating Fried Rice on the Set!

In the last episode of 'Rooftop Prince' that aired on the 24th of May featured Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) and his three handsome servants sitting together eating fried rice wrapped in thin omelette.

As soon as Lee Gak and his servants become time warped back to the Chosun Dynasty, the first thing he eats with his three servants is fried rice wrapped in thin omelette. During their stay in the present time, the three servants had fallen in love with the dish fried rice. They loved it so much they had opened a fried rice shop called, 'Park Ha's Fried Rice.’ When their fried rce began to sell like crazy, they yelled out things like, 'Too salty!', 'How many times do I have to say it? The ketchup is important!', 'Time for delivery!' and etc. After their successful day of business, Lee Gak and his three handsome servants changed into the colorful sweats and tasted their fried rice.

And of course, mint candy was dessert! Lee Gak was tearing up while eating his fried rice at the thought of Park Ha. He thought of Park Ha again while he was enjoying the sweet taste of the mint candy when Woo Yong Sul suddenly chews his candy and ruins Lee Gak's moment. When Lee Gak gives him a stern look, Woo Yong Sul begins to eat the candy silently. Lee Gak then says 'the taste of sweetness is quite amazing.' and expressed his happiness.

The scene of Lee Gak and his three handsome servants brought laughter to the dedicated viewers of the drama.

Rooftop Prince
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