'Rooftop Prince' Park Yoochun & Han Ji Min - A Questionable Ending

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In the last episode of 'Rooftop Prince' that aired on the 24th of May featured Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) who has been time warped back to the Chosun Dynasty and Park Ha (Han Ji Min) who is left all alone in the present time.

Park Ha, who was left by herself, receives a drawing of herself with a promise to meet again from Yong Tae Yong (Park Yoochun). The drawing and the promise was just like what she received two years ago in New York. Park Ha went to the location, where they meet again. Many people have been suggesting various interpretations of the scene that make the scene seem very questionable.

The first interpretation is that Tae Yong woke up from his coma and remembered Park Ha from the past (2 years ago). And that Park Ha and Tae Yong will continue their love where they had left off when Tae Yong fell into coma. Although they should have met in New York, a twist of faith brought them together in that situation.

Another interpretation goes something like this: from seeing that Tae Yong is standing while holding his hands in the back shows that it is actually not Tae Yong but Lee Gak! The reason for this interpretation is from the fact that Lee Gak has a habit of holding his hands behind his back!

The last interpretation is that Yong Tae Yong has a memory of his past life. Tae Yong says to Park Ha 'Why are you so late. I was waiting for you for a long time.' Tae Yong could be talking about his wait that began 300 years ago since the Chosun Dynasty rather than 2 years ago in New York. This interpretation has been supported the most since Tae Yong's appearance switched to Lee Gak's appearance at the end.

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