Ellle Macpherson 50th Birthday: Elle Macpherson, Sports Illustrated Supermodel, Is Still `The Body’; Elle Macpherson Shares Secret Beauty Elixir

Ellle Macpherson 50th Birthday: Elle Macpherson turned 50 on Saturday, but you'd never know it to look at her. The Australian supermodel is still "The Body," Elle Macpherson's complexion is still flawless, Elle Machpherson's net worth still tops $60 million.

Elle Macpherson's net worth was estimated by Forbes to be over $60 million. Macpherson was named ''The Body of Our Time'' by Time magazine. Macpherson graced the cover of the Sport Illustrated swimsuit edition a record five times. Elle Macpherson was the first celebrity to get an iPhone 5S - and she didn't even have to wait in line.

Elle Macpherson's birthday suit hit the cover of Harper's Bazaar Australia last August when she posed in nothing but a pair of thigh-high black stockings and bracelets. Elle Macpherson is still "The Body." The supermodel says that at fifty "No one tells you this, but I've recognized it as I've grown older and wiser: wellness, beauty, strength, good moods and stability require constant maintenance and constant tweaking."

Elle continued "You have to constantly listen to your body. You can't sit there thinking, 'All this used to work.' You're new and fresh and different every day. Resist it and it becomes really tedious. Embrace it and it's a constant renewing process-holistic, a total intelligence. It's about being present in your life."

Elle Macpherson has been "The Body" for more than three decades. Macpherson first rocked the modeling world when she was just 18 in 1982 when she was filmed walking across a beach in a red bikini for a Tab cola TV commercial. Elle Macpherson's lingerie line, skin care range and TV spots as judge and producer on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and US reality show Fashion Star followed.

Elle Macpherson told the media "I am 50 this weekend. "I feel loved, balanced, happy, healthy and at peace with who I am. Feeling good on the inside is more important to me now. Looking good follows. My secret? Love, laughter, balance, wellness and super greens."

Greens? Elle Mcpherson recently announced that she will share her beauty secret, a food supplement Super Elixir. Mcpherson's secret elixir will launch in May. Elle says the supplement is "designed to support healthy nutrition at a cellular level and aid the digestive, endocrine (hormonal), circulatory and nervous systems."

Elle Macpherson worked with a doctor for years to perfect the elixir for her own personal use. Not that Macpherson hit 50 and still looks fabulous, she is convinced it works and wants releasing it to share with the world. Elle claims that just 10 grams of her new super powder per day contains "all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist wellness and vitality."

Elle is married to Jeffrey Soffer, a billionaire property mogul. Macpherson has two sons, Arpad Flynn, who is 16, and Aurelius Cy, who is 11, with her old boyfriend French financier Arpad Busson.

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