'Love Rain' Jang Keun Suk - Off to New York After an 'I Love You' From Yoona (SNSD)?

On the episode of 'Love Rain' that aired on the 28th of May, Suh Joon (Jang Keun Suk) chooses to leave for New York. Suh Joon tells Hana (Yoona), 'I'll wait for you.' The sacrifice he made was for his dad Suh In Ha (Jung Jin Young) who was in love with a woman for 30 years and also for Kim Yun Hee (Lee Mi Sook) who was no longer able to see the love of her life.

Suh Joon tells Hana to come for him when the love between his father and her mother grows stronger enough to go on without the two of them holding back. Completely understanding the situation, Hana accepts the break up. Hana then says to Suh Joon, 'I heard that you said that one time.'

Hana was referring to the time when Suh Joon whispered 'I love you' to Hana when he was holding her. Hana was now finally able to give him a response to Suh Joon. Hana tells Suh Joon, 'I love you'. Hana and Suh Joon hold each other tightly while the sun begins to set behind them.

Meanwhile, Kim Yun Hee expresses a longing to see something before she completely loses her sight. The place she goes is the location where she and Suh In Ha first met. Kim Yun Hee says to herself, 'I have to remember everything.' Every street in the park and every other spot reminded her of the memories she and Suh In Ha made together.

Kim Yun Hee hears footsteps and recognizes that they belong to Suh In Ha. Kim Yun Hee says 'Your footsteps were always so cautious.’ They realized that they will always be there for each other and that the time lost is not important at all as long as they're together.

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