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Review: NS Yoon-G Stirs Things Up With Her Bumping New Single 'Yasisi' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | April 02, 2014 10:41 PM EDT


Dance music needs velocity. It needs to kick out the jams one drum hit at a time.

That's not to say speed. Talk to Prince if you think a song has to be fast to make you want to dance.

"Yasisi," the new song by NS Yoon-G succeeds on both of these fronts; it packs a forceful punch but at a methodical pace that doesn't get redundant or clobber you over the head with the digitally processed bombast all too common in pop music these days.

With her first single in over a year, NS Yoon-G is swinging for the fences.

Her vocal performance in "Yasisi" has all the presence and poise a producer could ask for, which is to say nothing of her red hot dance moves in the video, sure to get pulse rates racing around the world.

At age 25, Yoon-G, who debuted in 2009, has the confidence and authenticity in her singing that usually takes performers years longer to acquire.

But beyond Yoon-G herself, the most redeeming quality of "Yasisi" has got to be the nod to classic high-energy 1980s R&B from female pioneers like Janet Jackson or Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

Notorious production team Duble Sidekick kills it yet again on "Yasisi," the leadoff single from the new NS Yoon-G EP, "The Way 2."

The song, which was written by SEION, is solid enough but it's really the creative production choices, the slamming beat, the horn stabs that bring "Yasisi" to life.

And then there's Yoon herself, who stirs things up with the kind of no nonsense gusto that makes her hard not to like.

Check out the music video for the new NS Yoon-G song "Yasisi" RIGHT HERE

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