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K-Pop Throwback: Why Roller Coaster's 1999 Single 'Come Closer' Can Still Get You Out Of Your Seat [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | April 03, 2014 09:17 PM EDT


First albums are a funny thing.

Sometimes they can come across like a yearbook photo, awkward and foreign, with barely an inkling of the greatness that was to come.

Other times, as in the case of South Korean rock trio Roller Coaster's 1999 debut album "Naegero Wa," they are a fully-realized charge of creativity right out of the gate, rivaling anything the artist will ever do.

This charged-up energy is best felt on the band's single from "Naegero Wa," the song "Come Closer."

Like other dance bands of the more organic persuasion from the same era, groups like Luscious Jackson and The Brand New Heavies, Roller Coaster knew that the best grooves are the ones your feel deep down, and not because your being bludgeoned by bass either.

The future Mr. Lee Hyori, Roller Coaster guitarist Lee Sang soon provides a couple layers of nice, groovy guitars on "Come Closer," including some percussive clean playing and a wah sound that authentically dials in that iconic 1970s guitar texture that Jimi Hendrix pioneered a decade before it became disco wallpaper.

And though Roller Coaster vocalist Cho Won Sun started to push the group's sound in a more straightforward pop direction by the time they recorded their last album "Triangle in 2006, it's invigorating to hear her and the band footloose and fancy-free, as the saying goes, on this song.

For a lot of people, dance music could never be as light-handed as the sound of a band like Roller Coaster. Even in their hardest hitting moments, the group always sounds light on their feet.

Yet, any true fan of a great hook should be impressed by how deeply Roller Coaster can lay into the pocket without even breaking a sweat.

If they do make another album anytime soon, it would be great to see the band returning into the less contrived excesses of their early sound.

Check out the music video for Roller Coaster's 1999 single "Come Closer" RIGHT HERE

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