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Music Industry Dominated By Brave Brothers & Duble Sidekick

By Staff Writer | April 04, 2014 01:10 PM EDT


The music industry is currently being dominated by "brave brothers doing the double sidekick."

Famous producers Brave Brothers and Duble Sidekick are receiving many love calls from music producers who are dreaming of a big musical transformation or releasing a big hit. And so they've added their names onto the list of the majority of singers who are making a comeback.

Brave Brothers is a well-known producer who has a rich sense of sensibility, despite his looks. He's a musician that's been dominating the music scene for the past 6 years. Duble Sidekick is composed of Park Jang Keun and Mikey, who played a big part in Girl's Day's recent image transformation.

Brave Brothers and Duble Sidekick are currently working on over 20 different songs right now. Thanks to the numerous love calls, they are being pushed to the limit with their maximum amount of work.

The most surprising fact about Brave Brothers is the fact that he consistently creates instant hits. Of course there are differences in popularity for each song, but once they get through, their songs become very popular.

He works especially well with female singers, and boasts an emotion packed with a powerful addictiveness. He started getting his name out as a YG producer, and became known as a hot musician in 2008 with Son Dam Bi's "Crazy." He then went on to help SISTAR, 4MINUTE, and AOA release a myriad of hit songs. SISTAR's "Alone" and 4MINUTE's "What's Your Name" quickly became hot topics with the massive addictive nature of the choruses of both songs.

He showed off his talent again this year with AOA's "Miniskirt" sexy transformation and with Sunmi's "Full Moon."

Korean music officials have commented that Brave Brothers really knows how to properly capture the sensibilities that Koreans like the most. The music is exciting, but there's somewhat of a sad atmosphere that lies beneath. And this trait is extremely attractive to the public, as is evident in the music charts. One music rep stated, "Since he's a producer that's released so many songs, we expect that he'll create even better works. Relatively he's had no slump, and is showing the highest potential to come out with powerful hits. He's one of the most reputable musicians." Another music official stated, "Just when you're about to forget about him, he comes out with something new. It's already been 6 years now since he's been consistently releasing hit songs. This is no easy feat, and it's really impressive."

Koreans definitely agree, and it's apparent in the music that's almost always at the top of music charts. Brave Brothers stated, "There are times when one brilliant idea will lead directly to the song. I just hope that those moments become more frequent. I usually have a lot of time to think by myself, and whether I'm walking down the road or eating, I'm always thinking about music. That's how I come up with many of my songs." The idea for SISTAR19's "Gone Not Around Any Longer" came up as he was cleaning up hair in the recording studio, and the idea for SISTAR's "Alone" came to him while he was eating by himself in the late hours of the night.

What about Duble Sidekick? It's amazing that the production team can create a completely different color according to which singer they work with. Even when you listen to the songs they've recently created back to back, it's hard to believe that one team made all the songs. Producers are likely to have their own colors, but that's not the case with Duble Sidekick. This works towards their advantage and disadvantage.

Girl's Day asked for Duble Sidekick's help when they wanted to take off their cute color and put on a sexy one. A Pink reached out to the production team in order to maintain their youthful appeal. Sexy singer NS Yoon-G and 30-year active singer Lee Sun Hee decided to work with them as well.

Music officials say that Duble Sidekick's strength is in capturing the musical colors that go well with each artist. One agency rep stated, "To be honest our team has been struggling with the team color, unable to break away from what was already established. However, working with Duble Sidekick has given us a clear new direction." A Pink is currently going strong at number 1 with "Mr.Chu." They said, "The first version had a more 'young' feel that we had expected. But thanks to their very precise fine tuning, the final version is much more exciting. Even while we were recording they would yell out 'chu!' and encourage us, so we had lots of fun recording."

Duble Sidekick really knows how to determine a singer's needs and actively respond to that need. Duble Sidekick's Park Jang Keun said, "We have many discussions with the artists and the staff. At first this was the hard part, but now getting opinions and adjusting accordingly has gotten much easier, perhaps thanks to the process. Sometimes we receive really unexpected requests, and in those times we let them hear the guides often and try to persuade them."

He continued, "With A Pink we thought hard about how we could add to their color without taking anything away. For SN Yoon-G we determined that it was a process of completely creating a new color. It was really fun discovering Girl's Day's vocal potentials. Not adding too much of our own color can be a good or bad thing, and we try hard not to stick to just one color, to instead work differently with each artist in a fun way."

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