'Ghost' So Ji Sub Looking Like a Stud in Uniform on Set

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On May 30, the first episode of the new SBS drama 'Ghost' was aired. Prior to the release of the drama, behind-the-scenes photos have been released to the public. The photos showed So Ji Sub wearing the formal police uniform. So Ji Sub looks charismatic and cute at the same time.

The photos were taken during the filming of 'Big' at a Police University on May 21. The photos were taken during the filming of a scene where Kim Woo Hyun's (So Ji Sub) past is shown as a freshman at the Police University. The scene shows a confident and intelligent 20-something year old college student instead of the cold and indifferent detective Kim Woo Hyun.

On the set, So Ji Sub actually looked like a cute troublemaker in college who was filled with passion and curiosity in his eyes. So Ji Sub had to wear the uncomfortable uniform for over two hours to film the scene. Regardless, So Ji Sub remained energetic and humorous throughout the whole process.

In the drama 'Ghost', So Ji Sub plays the character Kim Woo Hyun who is a detective in the Cyber Investigation Unit. So Ji Sub's character will captivate the audience by leading the Cyber Investigation Unit through mysterious and curious cases filled with thrill.

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