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Entourage Movie Cameos [Photo Gallery]: Who's Making An Appearance In Your Favorite 'Bromance' Film? UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey & More!

By Staff Reporter | April 07, 2014 05:22 AM EDT

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Find out who's about to make it in Entourage Movie Cameos:

There are practically countless stars from Hollywood, Music industry, Models and Sports that will make an appearance to the hit HBO series movie adaptation, Entourage.

There are more or less 20 athletes making a cameo for Entourage movie, a number of Sports Illustrated models, A-list Hollywood actors, oh and Rock Stars and Rappers!

As the movie started production in Miami on January 16, fans are more eager to find out more about the long awaited return of the boys, and this time it will be on the big screen.

Veteran actor Billy Bob Thornton is set to join Entourage movie cast Adrian Grenier with the rest of the boys together with Hailey Joel Osment to play a father and son role, according to Hollywood Reporter.

"Thornton will play a billionaire cowboy turned film financier who puts up money for the Dracula movie and sends his 20-something son to L.A. to keep an eye on his investment," according to Hollywood Reporter.

While the boys are busy from the production, bikini-clad babes with Sports Illustrated supermodel Nina Agdal are also busy partying in the yacht where the movie shoots its first few scenes.

The whole cast and crew are commandeering Usher's super yacht (no news yet if Usher actually owns the yacht as the name suggests) in Miami, Florida for the hot and steamy scenes for the long awaited film.

Meanwhile, the shooting continues in Los Angeles and while there are at it, rapper and actor Common has spontaneously joined the team to do a cameo.

Common was able to meet the team while he was working out at his Los Angeles gym, where the crew were filming some of the scenes with the actors. Director Doug Ellin ran into the "Hot On The Wheels" actor at Equinox last week and asked him if he would like to appear on the film. The rapper actor was game for it and filmed his one-line cameo on the spot, as reported by the New York Post.

Those are just some of the stars making a cameo for Entourage here is the list Entourage Movie Cameos as of press time:

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