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10 Year Groups Super Junior & Ivy - Will They Go 20 Years?

By Staff Writer | April 08, 2014 03:30 AM EDT


It's already been 10 years since artists such as Super Junior and Ivy debuted. Some Hallyu stars have reached the top, while others have faded into history. For the Korean music market, 10 years has a special meaning. That's because this was a time when the market started shifting from offline to online, and idol music became wildly popular. Group activities became mainstream, and idol stars even took to acting and MC activities. In this wind of change, there are some that have unfortunately disappeared from the stage, but many artists are still active.

Group Super Junior didn't limit their activity territory; that was their survival strategy. This idol group pursued several unit activities, and took to acting and MCing activities. Thanks to their global fandom, they even held overseas activities that are enough to overwhelm other 10 year artists.

Sexy diva Ivy doesn't have as much influence as she did in her prime, but she's still in the process of building her name up. The scandals that were weighing her down have mostly burned out.

It's true those ballads aren't like that of old. Seventeen-year veteran Jo Sung Mo expressed his disappointment and said, "There isn't a junior that can take over the ballad lineage." However, it's still true that the market demand for the genre remains the same. Ballad revival is possible through other areas such as drama and movie OSTs.

Although their current activity has been interrupted for the time being, SS501 and The Grace still have not disbanded. Their members have not yet completely left the entertainment industry either, and are pursuing their individual activities. At one point they shook up the music industry with their activities, and there's still a possibility that the members will regroup, resume their activities, and greet their fans once again.

In SS501's case, one variable that lies in the way is the fact that each member belongs to different agencies. Leader Kim Hyun Joong is part of Keyeast, Kim Hyung Jun belongs to SH Entertainment, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong belongs to B2M Entertainment. Park Jung Min ended his dispute with previous agency CNR and started his own activities. The Grace members all belong to SM Entertainment. Whenever they reach a decision, it's possible for them to make a comeback at any time.

Experts say that compared to the past 10 years, the changes that will happen over the next 10 years are even greater. The current digital streaming sound system has not yet reached its final destination, and is still likely to evolve into a new format. Mainstream dance idols are not at its end form, either. It's even more difficult to predict the flow of K-Pop music in 2024, 10 years down the line.

It's necessary to see the success story of senior artist group Shinhwa. They're currently in their 17th year, and although they've all left SM Entertainment and are in their own agencies, they're still being loved as one group in Shinhwa. They're continually challenging themselves to new music, and their fandom is ever the same.

Ballad singers that went mainstream a decade ago have found new power with the growth of OSTs. Although the ballad genre itself isn't as popular as before, but the demand hierarchy is still the same. Monday Kiz, Gavy NJ, and Sweet Sorrow don't have an explosive influence, but are using their steady presence as their weapon. It's important to take into perspective that they're long-term artists, not short-term.

Even though times change, music will always be loved. "Good music" still gets the same attention now as it did before. Any artist that can produce good content in 10 years is sure to continue to receive love from the public, wouldn't you say?

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