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Which A Pink's Comeback Stages Were The Best?

By Staff Reporter | April 09, 2014 11:10 AM EDT


A Pink made their comeback on various weekend music shows, and industry professionals were asked to grade each comeback stage. Which performance was the best among their "Music Bank", "Show! Music Core" and "Inkigayo" stages?

Per A Pink, the key to their concept was "harmony". They have a great title song in "Mr. Chu", but they also wanted their dance, clothing, and even hair and makeup to match the song. Their goal through the song was to make the listener feel comforted.

A Pink expressed disappointment about their comeback stages, saying, "Jung Eunji and Chorong lost their voice earlier this week, so we couldn't give it out all. We wanted to bring about a fun performance, but the nervousness of the comeback stage made us tense up too much."

The experts are in agreement that their comeback stages were successful. One music professional said, "It's refreshing to see a girl group that isn't diving head first into the sexy concept but is keeping their initial concept of being cutesy."

A Pink also expressed the same sentiment, saying, "Some people criticize us for not changing out concept, but our fans are encouraging us to continue in what we do best. We think there is more for us to showcase within our current concept, so we want to do our best to do just that. We are also in continuous discussion of a new concept, but it will come later than sooner."

So how successful was their comeback stages? Starting from their SBS "Inkigayo" comeback stage, the experts gave their critique.

A Pink's SBS "Inkigayo" comeback stage was voted the best one among the three comeback stages. The camera work was perfect. One choreographer said, "Because a lot of the choreography in 'Mr. Chu' has A Pink putting their hands near their face, close up shots are necessary to show the entirety of the choreography well. The camera work on 'Inkigayo' did the close-up better than the other two shows. Plus, A Pink's live performance was especially strong on this stage."

The stage built for the comeback stage was also well built. The computer graphics that added the lyrics to the dance floor was great. The conversion from one stage to another during the song was well done.

The only downside to A Pink's "Inkigayo" performance was that they overused the dubstep beat to introduce A Pink, which led to an awkward moment as "Mr. Chu" began.

MBC's "Show! Music Core" was the second most liked performance, and it was mostly due to the perfect stage and set. The tennis concept of the music video was carried over very well to the live stage. A Pink's tennis attire was well received as well.

The camera work as good, but the lights were not used well and resulted in poor exposure in various parts of the song. The LED lights in the back were too strong.

Their KBS "Music Bank" was rated the worst stage. It was their most elaborate stage, but ironically it was the worst one. A Pink performed two songs, "Sunday Monday" and "Mr. Chu".

"Sunday Monday" was not received well at all, with critics saying that the focus should've been on the choreography.

While the "Mr. Chu" stage was good, the camera work failed A Pink's choreography. Furthermore, their clothes and their stage were not matching. Despite the mismatch, however, A Pink was able to still successfully showcase their new title song.

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