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Is A-Pink Heir To Girls' Generation As The Queens Of Cute?

By Staff Writer | April 12, 2014 02:25 PM EDT


In 2009, Girls' Generation's 'Gee' topped Korean charts for it's upbeat and cute style. The girl group shot to stardom, and their follow up song 'Oh' had the Girls' acting as the nation's cheerleader. Although they've changed their image throughout the years, Girls' Generation has generally been considered to be one of the most innocent girl groups, with their concepts being sexy while still maintaining the fact that the members are cute and innocent.

But now there's a need for a girl group to lead the rest in cute concepts.

Several of the Girls' Generation members have recently announced that they were dating. Although their relationships were well received by fans, it solidified the idea that Girls' Generation are grown women in relationships.

A Pink's recent success with 'Mr. Chu' may signal that they're the girl group who will take over for Girls' Generation, winning the country's hearts left and right.

The six-member girl group has always had cute concepts and plan on keeping a relatively innocent image even if they use more mature concepts, just like Girls' Generation has. A-Pink's innocent and cute image looks almost identical to Girls' Generation early years.

A Pink's cuteness is so entrenched in being cute that the group admitted in an interview that even the length of their skirt hem has caused fans to worry about their cute image.

In addition, neither girl group has been involved in any major scandals.

Girls' Generation started out their career by capturing the hearts of their fans, particularly Korean men who were in the middle of their military service.; A Pink has mentioned in several interviews that the members were surprised how popular among soldiers.

A Pink has yet to release a song that has gained as much attention as 'Gee' but their songs 'No No No' and 'Mr. Chu' have achieved enough popularity that A Pink's cute image has become engrained in the mind of Korean fans.

Girls' Generation has successfully become one of the top girl groups in Korea, but have kept a clean cut image despite whatever outfits and dances they were performing. A Pink is a stand out among the large number of girl groups who have been turning towards sexier concepts to try to gain attention.

Although A Pink is just one of many popular and successful girl groups out there nowadays, they stand out because of their innocent and cute appeal. Girls' Generation started out its long career with cute, carefree images that sharply differ from the sexy and strong ones being promoted nowadays, and A Pink has taken this image to define itself.

If A Pink continues to differentiate itself from other groups by maintaining its cute image, the group may very well be able to stand out among the multitude of idol groups.  

A Pink's first win for 'Mr. Chu' took place at Show Champion on April 9.  

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