BoA ‘Make Your Move’ - Her Dancing Is Fantastic!

BoA's Hollywood debut film Make Your Move has been unveiled!

On April 11th the press preview was held for the movie Make Your Move took place at the CGV in Wangsimni, Seoul. This was BoA's first ever Hollywood movie debut. It's the story of a Donny (Derek Hough) and Aya (BoA), who come from very different backgrounds but find common ground in dancing. They learn to understand each other through this body language and fall in love.

Tap dancer Donny is at his brother-like friend Nick(Wesley Jonathan)'s club when he first lays eyes on the attractive dancer Aya and falls in love at first sight. However he soon finds out that his older brother and Aya's brother are rival club operators, and is met with severe opposition.

This movie is a Romeo and Juliet'esque story that also has the charm of the dance movie series Step Up. The movie has many epic scenes, but because of the juvenile and unpolished acting, it was lacking.

This movie was BoA's first acting challenge. Although she did star in 2013's KBS 2TV drama special "Waiting for Love", the movie was filmed before the drama. Compared to BoA's praised acting in the drama, the movie scenes showed awkwardness on the actress' part.

The main lead actor Derek Hough is more of an entertainer and dancer than a full-time actor. He couldn't afford to cover the gaps for other actors. Although these two actors can bring the best in terms of dancing, having to act out romantic scenes and perform choreography at the same time seemed burdensome.

The actors who played the supporting roles in the movie were very experienced. Wesley Jonathan started acting at the age of 8, and has starred in American dramas "CSI Miami", "NCIS 6", and "Cold Case". Aya's brother was played by Will Yun Lee, a well-known actor who appeared in works such as The Wolverine, Total Recall, and 007 Another Day.

These supporting actors showed stable acting skills, but their characters were too superficial in the movie to make up for the lead actors. In the movie, these two supporting actors play club owners who were once friends and owned the same club. However, they get into a feud because of a misunderstanding. The two are the worst enemies, but are also dear older brothers to their younger siblings. Other than that, they don't play a very big role in the film. These actors don't have extraordinary personalities in the movie, and are easily forgotten.

However, the redeeming quality lies in Derek Hough's tap dance and BoA's Taiko drum choreography. The dance teams and performances are enough to dominate the scenes, and definitely deserve a look. They bring forth the unique charm of watching a dance movie. In the ending scene, these two extremely talented dancers intertwine their energy to create a phenomenal dance.

BoA's short stature and oriental look was highlighted even more in this Hollywood movie. Her sharp movement and dance sensibilities, combined with her lovely but charismatic gaze didn't get buried among the tall American dancers' moves. It was obvious that BoA is a veteran performer.

TVXQ's Yunho also made a surprise cameo in Make Your Move. Besides him, many other SM Entertainment singers participated in the OST. Girls' Generation, EXO, f(x), and TVXQ's voices can be heard in the film. Girl group f(x)'s "NU ABO" and Henry's "Trap" can also be heard in the movie, which will come as a delight to K-Pop loving viewers. The movie was produced by CJ Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and Robert Cote Productions.

BoA revealed news of her casting in the movie back in 2010, and 4 years later the movie has finally been released. Derek Hough is well known for appearing in the popular survival program "Dancing with the Stars".

Make Your Move will be released in theaters on April 17th.

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