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'SBS Inkigayo Round-up': A Pink Wins #1 On The April 13, 2014 Episode

By James B | April 16, 2014 02:25 AM EDT


'SBS Inkigayo' is back for another week of great stages, fan chants, and screams as some of your favorite stars performed on Sunday night. Hosts for the night were Lee Yu Bi and ZE:A's Kwanghee; while MC's were EXO's Suho and Baekhyun.

Eric Nam returned with "Ooh Ooh", Eddy Kim made his debut with "Push and Pull", NC.A made her comeback by saying, "I'm Different", and Akdong Musician made a great debut by performing "Melted" and "200%."

Nominees were Mad Clown, Park Hyo Shin, and A Pink.  The winner for this episode was A Pink who achieved a music show all-kill by winning the major music programs week. Congratulations to the girls!

Here are the performance recaps.

Performance Recap + Videos

Eric Nam

Eric Nam is going to make you dance and hum his new single while you are walking down the sidewalk.  Eric made his debut with "Ooh Ooh" bringing an awesome upbeat tempo single. The audience seemed to enjoy it as they screamed until the end. This week, Eric made his debut. So, do you love it?


The guys of 100% made the audience's heart "Beat" for them by having a lot of energy on stage. Fan chants from the females were heard from the beginning until the end of their performance. 100% deserves a nomination; though with the competition, the guys will just have to keep entertaining their fans.


Young rookie artist NC.A is quickly gaining fans as she made her comeback by saying, "I'm Different." The song is catchy and one that teenagers in Korea will love listening to since the lyrics talk about how women get worried when expressing their love to guys. What did you think of her comeback this week?

Eddy Kim

Eddy Kim made his debut with "Push And Pull." With his great voice and skills with the guitar, Eddy is the new face in the K-Pop industry that fans are sure to love. After a long day, listening to Eddy's song will calm you down. The audience appeared to agree as they screamed in praise of his performance. Eddy made his debut this week. What is your opinion about his new song? Like or dislike?

Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician (AKMU) performed two of their singles on Sunday. "Melted" is a slow song that explains why a person is cold. The siblings wore white to represented snow. "200%" was also performed, bringing more fun to the stage.  The message of the song talks about Lee Soo Hyun being in love with a schoolmate which she later finds out that the guy is already taken. What did you think of the siblings debut this week?

Mad Clown

Mad Clown featured Hyorin once again and the two "argued" on stage explaining the struggles of love. Hyorin made a great entrance receiving cheers from the audience.  "Without You" is such a great single and was close to winning last night. Can it be number one next week?


The guys of MBLAQ ranked number twenty-three this week. Sunday was their goodbye stage performance. The members ended their promotions and told their male fans to "Be a Man" by wearing a suit no matter where they go. MBLAQ did not win any trophies.  Do you think they should have at least won one?

A Pink

A Pink once again blew kisses to their fans in the audience with another exceptional performance of "Mr. Chu."  The girls had a stunning wardrobe including modest skirts sure to appeal to their more conservative fans.  "Mr. Chu" continues to be a big hit and A Pink took home the trophy, securing the group an all-kill for all the major music shows this week.  Can they do it again next week? 

Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel's single "Catallena" ranks eighth this week and the ladies made the audience hungry again with their performance. The food accessories they had on their heads were made of snacks commonly found at a Korean convenience store. Each week, their wardrobe is great and their stylist should get an award! 

Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop ranks number four for their upbeat tempo in the song "Uh-ee." Once again, the back-up dancers are who the viewers noticed most. The ladies wore orange scarves on their heads and the performance was cut short. However, they still had fun and were smiling. Do you think each of the girls will wear a different color scarf next week? 


Baechigi came out with the dance track "Dduraeyo" and ranking number fifteen this week. Their female back-up dancers were on stage with the guys, which audience loved.  The lyrics for the song talk about a guy driving down the streets of Seoul after a break-up. Do you think they will get nominated?


M.I.B once again brought swag for their performance of "Chisa Bounce" and ranked number thirty-one this week.  Their catchy head movements each time they say "Chi Chi" made the fans move their heads along with them.  Are you loving their swag concept single too?

NS Yoon-G

NS Yoon-G once again made the audience scream for her with "Yasisi."  The song ranked number fourteen this week. She wore black leather clothes to seduce her male fans. NS Yoon-G is still an underrated singer but she is getting more popular through this scorching new single. Are you a NS Yoon-G fan?


"Tell Me Why" is what INFINITE's Woohyun and SHINee's Key performed as the crowd screamed for the duo. Toheart is promoting their second single after "Delicious" and are slowing things down a bit. The lyrics are about a man who is in denial after a break up. The guy does not want to be single and is looking for an explanation. Do you love this single or their previous one more?


SPEED said, "Look At Me Now" by wearing white for their chosen wardrobe color on Sunday. Are you looking at SPEED's new single?


The guys of SoReal performed their ballad single, "My Heart Says," once again showing their great voices and charisma. SoReal are just starting out; though they do have potential as indicated by all the screaming girls in the audience. The guys are bringing something fresh compared to the other male groups. Are you a SoReal fan?

Photo Credit: Newsen

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