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Review: Hanhae Of Phantom Packs A Funky Punch With His New Solo Outing 'Let's Quit' Featuring San E And C-Luv [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | April 14, 2014 04:47 PM EDT


Though it is his first release in three years as a solo artist, with the new single "Let's Quit" featuring San E and C-Luv, Hanhae from the South Korean hip-hop trio Phantom proves to any doubters out there that he has what it takes to make it alone.

From start to finish, "Let's Quit," which was released as a digital single on Monday, is laid back and breezy, with a strong electric piano performance anchoring the track.

Other than the stripped down drum loop, which features some intriguing percussive flourishes in its own right, the song has a refreshingly live feel. The musician's in Hanhae's band not only can lay down a strong pocket, but they do it with taste and a spot on retro funk type of vibe.

The production team XEPY, who composed Soyou and Jungiggo's record breaking smash single "Some" from the "My Love From The Star" soundtrack and Assbrass, keep things tight, both rhythmically and sonically.

The musicians sound loose and the beat isn't oppressive. Yet, the sharp accuracy and precisely rhythmic riffs keep the track from ending up in smooth jazz or "acid jazz" territory.
Thankfully, the groove on "Let's Quit" is way more A Tribe Called Quest than Kenny G. A lot of that is thanks to the tasty production.

And of course San E and C-Luv keep the sound firmly planted on the streets.

These two rappers are the perfect final touch, turning in rock solid performances that deliver a distinctly early-summer feeling.

Listen to "Let's Quit" from Hanhae of the South Korean hip-hop group Phantom and featuring San E and C-Luv RIGHT HERE

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