'I Love Italy' Super Junior's Kim Kibum Transforms into a Fashionista!

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Kim Kibum of Super Junior and actress Park Ye Jin have performed a parody of the movie 'Pretty Woman' (1990) in the tvN drama 'I Love Italy.’

In the drama, Park Ye Jin appears as Korea's richest heiress who takes on the role of Richard Gere in 'Pretty Woman' and transforms Kim Kibum from head to toe. Kim Kibum receives a complete make-over with top designer clothing and stylist. Just like Julia Roberts in the movie, Kim Kibum becomes a brand new person.

The still cuts that have been released show Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin walking down a street after Kim Kibum's complete make-over. Kim Kibum is wearing the designer sunglasses that Park Ye Jin bought for him, as well as the designer suit that she also bought. Park Ye Jin is showing off her flawless body in a white designer dress with a chic modelesque face expression.

Most importantly, Kim Kibum was able to throw out his shirt that he's been wearing since he was 14 years old. Kim Kibum received the nickname, 'Bumderella' which is a combination of his name and Cinderella for his embarrassing attire. With the help from Park Ye Jin, Kim Kibum transforms into a handsome fashionista.

Kim Kibum grows out of his 14 year old fashion and becomes a handsome 25 year old fashionista. The drama 'I Love Italy' features a 100 day love story that will be like a fairy tale, it will air every Mondays and Tuesdays.

Photo: tvN

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