'I Love Italy' Super Junior Kim Kibum's Steamy Kiss Scene! [VIDEO]

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A short preview of the next episode of tvN's 'I Love Italy' was shown at the end of the 3rd episode that was aired on June 4. The short preview showed an intense kiss scene between Super Junior's Kim Kibum and Yang Jin Woo!

The drama 'I Love Italy' features a story about a typical 14 year old boy named Geum Eun Dong (Kim Kibum) who suddenly finds himself in a 25 year old man’s body one morning. Geum Eun Dong meets heiress Park Ye Jin and they begin their not-so-typical romance for a 100 days. The 16 episode fantasy/romantic comedy will be like a fairy tale filled with comedy and designer clothing.

Geum Eun Dong will eventually come face to face with the heiress Lee Tae Ri's (Park Ye Jin) first love Choi Seung Jae (Yang Jin Woo). Lee Tae Ri is covered in a veil and nobody has seen her except her first love Choi Seung Jae.

For their kiss scene, it has been reported that Kim Kibum and Yang Jin Woo wanted to get the scene on their first try without making mistakes. Since they would have to kiss more and more if they made a mistake, they gave it their all and kissed very passionately right from their first try at the scene.

Through the preview of the next episode, the tension between Kim Kibum and Choi Seung Woo is clearly shown in this competition to gain Park Ye Jin's love. The only question is: what event leads to Kim Kibum and Choi Seung Jae's kiss scene?

tvN's 'I Love Italy' airs every Mondays and Tuesdays.

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