'I Love Italy' Super Junior's Kim Kibum Take Park Ye Jin Home in a Shopping Cart

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Super Junior’s Kim Kibum takes care of Park Ye Jin, who is passed out from drinking too much.

During an episode of 'I Love Italy' that aired on June 5, contained a scene where Park Ye Jin is completely intoxicated. When Park Ye Jin falls asleep after drinking too much alcohol, Kim Kibum finds a huge yellow shopping cart and rolls Park Ye Jin home.

The scene brought a lot of laughter since Park Ye Jin is sound asleep in the yellow shopping cart with her legs dangling outside the cart. Even at this embarrassing moment, Park Ye Jin does not lose her cool. Lee Tae Ri (Park Ye Jin) remains cold an chic even while intoxicated.

Park Ye Jin has kept a clean city-girl image and gained popularity for her chic character on 'I Love Italy.’ Through her role in this drama, Park Ye Jin was able to flaunt her talents in comedic acting while still maintaining her cool city-girl image. Lee Tae Ri is a sophisticated character who is actually very ditsy and weird in her own way, which is why the audience absolutely loves her.

Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum's 100 days of romance can be seen in the tvN drama 'I Love Italy' on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Photo: tvN

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