Is Director Kim Ki-Duk’s New Movie ‘One On One’ Too Controversial For Cannes?

Director Kim Ki-duk has added to his list of controversial movies.

The Korean film director's new movie, "One on One" has received an R-rating from the Korea Media Rating Board, according to MSN Entertainment.

The strong violence as well as nudity, subject matter and harmful content are key factors as to why those under the age of 18 are not allowed to watch the film.

The Korean Media Rating Board has reported that that film is about "people who are dissatisfied with the country carrying out a kidnapping plan and take revenge toward the people who reign over them."

Kim Ki-duk is known for his choice of intense content and subject matter in his movies.

His most recent film, "Moebius," reportedly had difficulty passing the rating system because of the controversial incest scenes.

Kim reportedly had to cut out two minutes and 30 seconds from the original version so the film could receive an R-rating.

"One on One" wasn't able to make the lineup for Cannes this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Speculation rises as to whether the film is too controversial and violent to be shown in Cannes.

Kim Ki-duk is no stranger to Cannes. He won the award for best film in the Un Certain Regard section for "Arirang" back in 2011.

The "Samaritan Girl" director's film company released a statement stating, "It's disappointing because there were high expectations. But more disappointing is that there are no Korean films at all competing this year. We will be focusing on the local promotion for 'One on One.'"

Although Kim Ki-duk wasn't able to compete in Cannes this year, several other Korean films have the opportunity to be recognized.

"Dohee-ya" by July Jung has been entered in the Un Certain Regard program while "The Target" by Yoon Hong-seung will be a part of the midnight screening.

"Soom" by Kwon Hyun-ju will be competing in the Cinefondation section for students.

"One on One" is set to be released in Korean theaters on May 22.

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