'Ghost' MBLAQ's G.O - 'So Ji Sub Gave Me Strength'

Idol group MBLAQ member G.O expressed his thoughts regarding his debut as an actor.

MBLAQ member G.O has debuted as an actor in the new SBS drama 'Ghost' with top co-stars So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee. In the drama, G.O plays the character named Lee Tae Gyun, who is part of a Cyber Investigation Unit team that is investigating a celebrity murder case. Regarding his transformation into an actor, G.O stated, 'I feel like I'm traveling.’

G.O's character Tae Gyun used to work in the gaming industry, developing security programs for games. During his career in the gaming industry, G.O felt he was not being recognized for his talents which drove him to quit and begin work as an officer in the Cyber Investigation Unit. Although he is an officer in the special unit, Tae Gyun appears as an innocent character that couldn't even hurt a fly.

Regarding his acting career, G.O stated, 'It's not an easy challenge but I'm enjoying every moment and I'm beginning to realize how much I enjoy acting. When I can form bonds and friendships with other actors, as an actor myself, it feels like I'm traveling to a different place I've never been before. I am truly enjoying this trip.'

G.O continued, 'Actors Kwon Hae Hyo and Lim Ji Kyu helped me a lot so I didn't have a hard time adjusting. One time we were filming past 1 o'clock in the morning when actor So Ji Sub came up to me and pat my shoulder and said "It's tiring, right?" and it really touched me.'

G.O also stated, 'Director Kim Hyung Shik doesn't have his famous reputation for nothing. The director catches every detail and he is just amazing so I'm learning so much. Since it's my first attempt in acting, I'm very inexperienced as well as unskilled but I think the outcome of my character will be great as long as I listen to everything the director says.'

Director Kim Hyung Shik commented, 'I was very surprised at the dedication level of G.O. because I know how big of a star he is in the music industry. Regardless of whether he is filming or not, he shows up to set hours before we begin and watches other actors to learn and gain experience. I am very impressed.'

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